7 Affordable Online Colleges And Universities

  • November 2012
  • Posted By JohnnyG

There has been an increased interest in affordable online colleges during recent years primarily due to the rising cost of quality education.  Unbelievable as it may seem, but it is estimated that up to half of new college graduates have remained unemployed, which puts a premium on affordable education, especially for those looking at a bachelor’s degree.  This also pushes to the limelight the extremely attractive proposition brought to the education market of online colleges and universities.

These educational institutions provide flexible and affordable ways to earn a degree that can range anywhere from Associate to Doctorate.  With the growing popularity of these online educational institutions, they are beginning to eat into the market of traditional counterparts, which undoubtedly have higher costs.  The lack of any substantial difference in the quality of education being dished out is also something that has been closely considered by millions of enrollees.  Our friends at Cheap Online Schools have put together a comprehensive list of colleges that offer discounted tuition for students on a budget. Here are some of the affordable online colleges you may want to consider:

  1. Western Governors University

This is considered by many as possibly the most affordable of all online educational institutions.  Working for a degree from Western Governors University would normally cost about $2,890 for a six-month term on the average.  Experts in the online degree market that being billed by term instead of credits has its distinct advantages.  This means students will be able to load up on credits for every semester.

The pricing scheme combined with an extremely flexible schedule for its degree programs has allowed it to gobble up a considerable portion of the enrollee market.  Add to this the reputation that this online educational institution holds, which is based on being founded by 20 governors and former governors who were motivated to provide affordable quality education as an alternative means of securing a degree.

  1. Walden University

In the online education market, Walden University has quickly assumed the role of being one of the most recognizable forces.  It is one of the pioneers in distance learning technology, which is considered by many educators as the precursor of affordable online colleges and universities.  As one of the pioneers, it has an immense understanding of the needs of the industry in delivering affordable and quality education for all who seek it.  With just $280 for every quarter credit hour, it delivers a framework of flexibility that is ideal even for working students, something that has become its hallmark in the industry.

  1. American Intercontinental University

Known in the industry as a serious educational institution for serious students, AIU delivers not just a substantial academics program, but ensures that it remains affordable for the average American.  Many of its students also believe that it has succeeded in ensuring the flexibility of its schedules.  For just $302 per credit, you can receive a degree that is focused on an area of study that will have substantial positive effects on the education and career of the students.  Specialization is mostly in the field of business and information technology.

  1. Colorado Technical University

Among the affordable online colleges today, Colorado Technical University (CTU) offers one of the more diversified degree programs, which completely redefines the meaning of flexibility.  It caters to virtually all major methods of education through its technical and business programs, which is considered as one of the best in the country.  It also offers nursing completion programs that will allow nursing associates to go to the next level.

This makes completing a bachelor’s degree substantially easier at a comparatively cheaper rate of just $305 per credit.  This affordable cost is backed up by an extremely high quality education program that is intended to strengthen the foundation of every student to make them more competitive in the marketplace.

  1. Southern New Hampshire University

In the online education industry, Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU) is considered as one of the major innovators.  They have the distinction of being the only educational institution to be included in the list of 50 most innovative companies compiled by Fast Company.  Notable companies that are included in this list are multinational organizations like HBO and Apple among others.  The innovation is not limited to the delivery methods for distance learning, but also in the way that the cost of education is minimized.

As a testament to its commitment to affordable and high quality education, it has been the recipient of numerous awards in the field of innovation, quality, and affordability for its overall programs.  The huge selection of programs are intended to provide students with more practical and feasible options for their degrees.  Students are billed at $320 per credit enrolled.

  1. Liberty University

This is one of the extremely few Christian universities to be involved in online study courses.  It is among the affordable online colleges that presents quality education programs to its students.  Using a faith based curriculum, Liberty University gives its students numerous options for degree programs that are accompanied by affordable rates.  Students will normally be charged $365 per credit for part-time, and $325 per credit for full-time.  The programs have been specifically strengthened to make them appropriate for online education.

  1. University of Massachusetts

Known for its history of excellence and distinction, the University of Massachusetts (UMass) is one of the few traditional educational institutions that have ventured into the online education industry.  It carries with it the huge selection of quality programs that is comparable with their traditional learning methods.

By making the time honored approach available to students in and out of state, they have made online distance education not only affordable, but reasonably high quality as well.  It has undoubtedly remained as one of the favorite choices to earn an online degree.

The advantages of flexibility and affordability would be totally useless if students are not made aware which educational institutions to pursue.  These are just some of the affordable online colleges and universities that can bring them quality online degrees.


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