Alternative Sources of Energy: The Benefits of Solar Systems

  • December 2013
  • Posted By JohnnyG

The conversion of sunlight to electricity through the use of solar panels is known as solar power. This has become one of the most popular alternative energy sources. Many households and facilities are relying on solar panels for electricity production. The first solar electricity plants came into existence in the 1980s but the technology has gone a long way since those early days.

What are Solar Systems?
A solar energy system relies on photovoltaic panels. These panels have to be mounted on a supporting structure and directed to face the highest possible amount of sunlight. A single panel can be used to generate some electricity for a household while a system consisting of multiple panels can provide much more power.

New technology enables efficiency of 21.5 percent for photovoltaic systems. This means that 21.5 percent of the sunlight is transformed in electricity.

The size of the solar power system is determined on the basis of watthours per day that need to be generated and the amount of sunlight that the particular area gets. Obviously, the placement of the system will play a major role in increasing its efficiency.

Benefits of Solar Energy
Solar San Diego is connected to an array of benefits. The fact that is a renewable energy source is the biggest benefit. Solar systems can be set up in any part of the world where the climate is beneficial and the amount of sunlight is sufficient.

Solar energy produces no air or water pollution. It tends to be quite predictable, unlike the generation of electricity from wind.

The prices of photovoltaic panels are falling rapidly. Though they are still expensive, the investment will be needed a single time. Once the system is fully established, it will pay itself off in a rather short period of time.


Finally, establishing a solar system for your home or facility will guarantee your independence from a central source of electricity that relies on fossil fuels. You will also avoid problems connected to peak power grid problems and emergencies.

Things to Consider about Installing a Solar System
Solar San Diego installation is a great idea but you need to think about the specifics of the project before getting started. Choosing the right place for your panels and having a good idea about your energy needs will help you calculate the overall cost and complexity of the project.

The first step before getting started involves understanding what state regulations are. Certain states could demand an energy audit before the installation of the system takes place.

You will need to figure out whether the solar system can be installed on the roof of your house or whether you should start looking for another place. A general rule of thumb for the northern hemisphere is that the solar panels should be facing south. Keep in mind that choosing a ground mounted option is going to be more expensive.

Working with professionals can help you get your questions answered, figure out what the cost of the project will be and understand whether solar power is the right option for you. There are many possibilities and you should contact experts in the niche to learn more about solar San Diego. Here are a few contact details:

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Having a solar system at home or as a part of a commercial facility can guarantee your energy independence and the cost-efficiency of electricity production. The location of the facility and your electricity needs have to be assessed in advance. There are many options for electricity generation from renewable sources and doing some research will help you pick the technology that will be most affordable and guaranteeing optimal performance.


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