Why are Apple and Its iPhone So Popular?

  • March 2014
  • Posted By JohnnyG

It seems like the iPhone is going to remain one of the most popular options on the smartphone market for many years to come. Apple has taken the world by a storm and there are many reasons for the popularity of the brand and its range of products.

Do you like Apple’s developments? Have you ever taken the time to think why these are so popular? Here are several important reasons.

All of the Apple products come with user-friendly and intuitive interface that clients fall in love with immediately.

The iPhone menu has a logical structure and simplicity of usage that are not available with certain smartphones developed by competing brands.

Apple has a policy of simplicity and user-friendliness. These characteristics are valid for all of the gadgets and hi-tech products developed by the company. Steve Jobs is the person who insisted on simplicity and this guiding principle has remained valid until present day.

Steve Jobs
Let us face it – Steve Jobs will remain a legend and his heritage will continue determining the popularity of Apple and the company’s products. Just ask someone to share the first things that come to mind with the mention of “Apple” and the name of Steve Jobs will be among the first entries on the list.

Jobs was an innovator who managed to change the concept of mobile devices during his active years. This innovative appeal has stuck with the Apple products and they continue selling out days after the official launch.

The marketing approach that Jobs developed has also paid off through the years. There were some predictions about a decrease in Apple’s popularity after the death of the company’s founder. Long-term strategic planning, however, has resulted in a smooth transition that enabled Apple to maintain its market positions.

The iPhone design is one of the most popular features of this smartphone.

Right from the start, the iPhone came with a design concept that made it very different and much bolder than other mobile phone varieties. The touch screen changed the industry forever. Strong and functional, the iPhone was received exceptionally well right from the start.

High quality materials and futuristic design brought sturdiness and ease of use to this smartphone. Actually an iphone repair professional can fix your phone if something happens with it. The truth is, however, that the iPhone will remain in exceptionally good condition for a long period of time after the purchase.

App Store
The diversified iTunes store is yet another reason for the popularity of the iPhone and the other Apple products.

According to statistics, iTunes gives Apple customers access to more than 350,000 applications and digital products. All of these apps can be used to make the iPhone more functional, more entertaining and practical.

Though competing brands have invested heavily in application development and the creation of an equally diversified store, iTunes is a big leader that has managed to successfully maintain its positions.

Customer Service
The final aspect that Apple brags is a high quality customer service, regardless of the client’s location and needs.

It is interesting to point out that approximately 50 percent of the people buying Apple products are new to the brand. The design, the features and the tremendous customer service all work together to win the brand new fans.

There are specific in-store policies that salespeople have to adhere to. This comprehensive approach is a big winner because the customer feedback is used to make adequate suggestions and personalized recommendations. Customers love this approach and they become highly willing to give Apple products a try, even if they have never tested the brand before.


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