How a Baby Changes Your Life

  • February 2014
  • Posted By JohnnyG

Dear expectant mother or father,

Allow me to share a piece of advice with you straight from the frontline trenches of parenthood:

Do Not Ever Underestimate the Extent to Which a Baby Is Going to Change Your Life!

That being said, I must also warn you that no matter how much mental and physical preparation you shall put forth before the little bundle of joy arrives (or busts in through the door rather), you are inevitably doomed to be taken away by just how changed your lives will be.

But then again, how could it be any different. After all, as a parent you will take on innumerable new roles for the rest of your lives. You will turn from a gene donor to a life giver. You will take on the role of a life preserver and a nurse. Then, you will advance to becoming the teacher, doctor, coach, psychologist, maintenance worker, plumber, and you name it. Along the way, you will also have the pleasures to becoming an astronaut, archeologist, and perhaps even a tropical animal.

All these roles come in as the complementary package of parenthood. However, you should never ever succumb to taking on the role of your child’s slave. Easier said than done, most of us modern-day parents stand guilty as charged. From the second we bring our baby into our homes, we make their needs and wants the absolute center of the universe. We willingly step into the roles of right-less slaves and create merciless slave drivers out of our children – something that was complete counter-intuitive to the generations past.

So, here are two most important pieces of advice, from a mom that has been there and done that, which may help you avert the path of serfdom in your home.

Let’s start with the good news: you might have never had a baby before, but guess what. The baby has never had a mother or father before either. They come into this world completely void of any expectations of how they ought or ought not to be treated. They are almost literally a tabula rasa when it comes to their daily routines.

Rule no. 1 – Keep It Simple

True enough, you will need countless clothes and toys for your baby, but do not overdo it. Buy practical stuff and be the boss of your baby’s toys. Most parents give in to the erroneous habit of showering their little ones with piles of toys. This will only lead to overstimulation and the inability of the baby to learn to focus on one toy at a time. You will create a little slave-master, who – despite dozens if not hundreds of trinkets in the house – will mope around bored, demanding to be entertained.

Rule no. 2 – Don’t Follow Your Child, Take Your Child with You

As a new parent, you will need to spend time on yourself. You will need to keep yourself healthy and maintain a good attitude. This can be achieved by squeezing in a bit of exercising or even indulging in a favorite activity or hobby, such as painting or gourmet cooking. Take your child along, but do not make them the center of your attention.

They will learn that there is time when they need to patiently take the back seat until mommy and daddy get their own stuff done. Luckily, the baby industry makes this task easier by providing you with plentiful resources, such as strollers, baby seats, and various baby carriers. Here you can read more about the 5 best jogging strollers in 2014. If your baby gets a bit fussy in the process, don’t stop your activity to console them. Continue on with the program, while singing or talking to them. Soon, enough your baby will adjust to the routine and you will begin to foster two very important attributes in your child – selflessness and independence.


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