Having a Baby? Four Reasons to Clean Your Home First

  • February 2014
  • Posted By JohnnyG

A clean home is always more inviting and comforting than a dirty home, but it becomes even more important to clean when you bring a baby into the household. Whether you are expecting a newborn baby or are welcoming an older child into your family, you want to start out with a sanitary home that is inviting and warm. As time progresses, there are four main reasons you will need to keep your home as clean as possible for the health and well being of that baby:

1. Babies have weaker immune systems and get sick easily.

A newborn baby doesn’t have the strong immune system that teenagers and adults enjoy. If someone brings germs into your home, there is a good chance your baby will breathe them in through the air and get sick. A simple cold can lead to pneumonia for many babies, so you need to make sure the air your baby breathes is as clean as possible at all times.

Dirty homes are more likely to have dust, mold and other allergens in the air. Some babies will react negatively to those allergens. Even if your baby does not suffer from allergies, you don’t want them to breathe in dust and mold from a young age when the solution is as simple as calling Checkmaid Cleaning in NYC to clean your home. They will keep your home clean so that the air circulating through your home picks up fewer dust particles and other allergens.

2. A crawling baby will highlight the filth in your home.

There is nothing cuter than a small child crawling along the floor unless her knees and hands are being coated in dirt as she goes. There is nothing more horrifying than watching your baby take her bare hands from your dirty floor and place them in her mouth. There is nothing more embarrassing than picking your baby up from the floor and seeing their dirt-covered knees.

You can joke about your little one being the cutest sweeper ever, but you don’t want your baby toddling around in filth. A clean home will offer your little one a sanitary floor where they can crawl without being turned into a human vacuum.

3. Babies get into everything, and they don’t discriminate. Dirty homes give them far too many unsafe opportunities.

If you were to unleash a toddler on your home right now, how many things would they find to put in their mouths? Babies love to explore their environments, and they are fast to grab things that look interesting and stick them in their mouths, up their noses or in their ears.

A clean home limits the danger because babies have fewer opportunities to play with smaller sized items that may become choking hazards. Allowing a cleaning service to clean your home on a routine basis also ensures that your baby is not eating dust bunnies and other things that look innocent but are not healthy for consumption.

4. Babies will eventually live what they learn.

What your baby sees and experiences while they are small will have a direct impact on how they choose to live when they are adults. If you are not able to keep up with all aspects of housecleaning personally, then you can hire a cleaning service to ensure all duties are covered on a routine basis. This shows your child that you value cleanliness and respect your home enough to keep it clean at all times. It also shows love and respect for others living in your household.

As your child grows older, they will enjoy being home more if you offer them a clean living environment. It is also healthier for the entire family to live in a sanitary, clean home.


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