Best Online College: 3 Factors Of Determination

  • November 2012
  • Posted By JohnnyG

Determining the best online college can be quite challenging because the choice can vary depending on the unique circumstances being faced by those who want to enroll.  Majority will be able to provide flexibility of schedule, which allows students to take courses based on their own time and finish them on their own pace.  Many of these online colleges will also provide for a low cost education, which represents an excellent alternative to the traditional colleges and universities.

There is likewise very little significant difference in the quality of the education being received by students for both types of instructions.  In fact, for many employers, there is an increased awareness on the value provided by online education.  The amount of empowerment it brings to those who have been limited by traditional educational institutions can now pursue advanced studies with very little difficulty.  Granting all else being equal, determining the best online college can therefore boil down to the following factors:

  1. The situational condition of the enrollee.

There is no argument that the current situation of the enrollee will become a huge motivation in determining the best online college to pursue.  The situation relates to both personal and professional, that has pushed the enrollee to consider going back to school and pursuing academic advancement through online educational institutions.  It is important to point out that although online learning has become widely accessible, committing to it and pursuing it to fulfillment is an entirely different thing.

For many enrollees, their current situation is used as a motivational factor for them to dedicate their time to completing their online education.  For example, those with families and need to get promoted in their work would definitely be motivated to seek online education and see it through.  In this aspect, the online college does not play a role, but can be the best option possible, simply through the dedication of the student.

If the purpose if for career advancement, then the online college that satisfies the requirements of the employer would prove to be the best for that particular instance.  There are some students who are being sent by their companies to go on advance studies or receive an entirely new degree.  In those situations, the company usually allocates an amount to pay for tuition and other educational expenses.  In this situation, the online college that fits the company budget becomes the best option.

Some mothers may consider online education to just get their degrees, with no intention of applying for employment afterwards.  In other words, personal satisfaction becomes the motivation for their situational condition.  This means any other type of online educational institution will do, as long as it offers the program she intends to finish.

  1. Personal priorities.

Aside from individual situational condition of students, their personal priorities also become one of the most important factors in determining if the online educational institution is the best for them.  A mother who has a child attending school and a baby that stays home all day will not have much time on her hands during the day, but can have the luxury to pursue a study at night.  Online colleges that offer night course would prove to be the best option for her.

Someone who works in sales and travels frequently may only have time to attend to their online education during weekends.  Online colleges that offer programs on weekends would definitely be the best online college for them.  In this context, personal priorities play a huge role in appreciating the value of online colleges.  Even if the online educational institution is ranked top in the world, unless it satisfies your personal priorities, it will just be one of those online colleges.

There is also a situation where you may be transferring from a traditional college, or even from another online college.  The personal priorities in most of these instances would be to have your courses credited during the transfer.  It is undoubtedly better than starting all over again with courses that you have already taken.  In this instance, the best online educational institution would be the one that credits majority, if not all of your courses.

This also emphasizes the need to look into the transfer policies of the online educational institution you plan to attend.  There is no question that the transfer policies may vary substantially, considering the huge number of online educational institutions on the Internet today.  You have to realize that the more courses credited, the less hours it takes to complete your degree, and the fewer expenses you will incur.  This translates to savings in both time and money for you.

  1. Degree of the online college.

Finding the best online college on the Internet would definitely take into consideration the degree of the educational institution.  Among the factors, this is one that is beyond the control of the enrollee, because it already looks into the credibility, reputation, and motivation of the online college.  Needless to say, competition among online educational institutions is considerably sharp.

However, despite the competition, there are still those that choose to take the easy way out.  You must be aware that there are some online educational institutions that use marketing strategies to make promises that they cannot deliver.  Some claim to have accreditation, but has been conferred by an agency or organization of dubious reputation.  Online learning is gaining tremendous ground today that everyone just wants to jump on the bandwagon.

Unfortunately, in this scenario, it is the student that mostly becomes victimized because they earn degrees that will not be accepted or recognized by employers or the government.  The degree of the school also extends to its efforts of creating a brand name that differentiates it from its competitors.  In the world of the Internet, this brand name translates to a reputation of excellence, which qualifies it to be the best online educational institution.

These are three factors that are not traditionally, considered, but in an industry that is anything but traditional, they are useful determination of the best online college for you.


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