The Best Ways to Keep Your Home and Valuables Protected

  • January 2014
  • Posted By JohnnyG

Many people think that burglaries and crime involving property happen only to others. They start thinking about security measures only after they have experienced this kind of crime firsthand. Statistics show that burglaries are actually quite common. According to 2012 FBI statistics, property crime rate reached 2859.2 offenses per 100,000 people. Nationwide, there were approximately 8.97 million property crimes.

There are several possibilities to keep your home protected. The safety of your family and your valuable belongings depends on having a proactive approach.

The Importance of Awareness
It is up to you to make your house really secure. Some very basic changes can slow down burglars or make them incapable of entering the property altogether.

So many people worry that keeping their home and valuables protected is going to be incredibly expensive. The truth is that several inexpensive modifications can change the situation.

A Guard Dog
Getting a guard dog and training it to protect your home can be a great way to slow burglars down.

A dog will definitely make the house much less approachable. You should be aware of the responsibilities connected to having a guard dog. It is a living creature that has specific needs. You will be responsible for its training, feeding and health. If you are uncertain about getting a guard dog, you can place a sticker on your front door. Warning others about having a dog can be as efficient, as actually having a Doberman or another strong and threatening breed.

Alarm Systems
The good, old alarm system is one of the best possibilities for home owners. Alarms have gone a long way since those early days and today, they offer more reliable property protection than ever.

ADT home alarms are a great possibility. These alarms provide 24-hour monitoring. Apart from having burglary scanning, you will be capable of adding sensors that will inform you about other threats. ADT home alarms can be used to detect fire, flooding, freezing and carbon monoxide.

Such solutions are highly customizable and the level of security will depend on the features that you choose and the professionals that you decide to work with.

Neighborhood Watch Programs
Starting a neighborhood watch program or becoming a participant in an existing one is also suitable for homeowners that want to increase their property’s security.

Such programs increase awareness and help you learn more about the people living in your neighborhood. Relying on each other will give you access to a very reliable and foolproof security system that has the power to reduce crime rate in your neighborhood.

Several Other Good Ideas
You can combine several home security measures. This can happen without spending an awful lot of money on the modifications.

Setting your lights to automatically switch on and off when you are away from home will create the illusion of people being in the house. If you have to be out of town for a longer period of time, ask friends to pick your mail and to enter the house occasionally.

Something as simple, as planting thorny bushes underneath the windows can discourage inexperienced burglars from entering the house. Think of other simple traps that will hurt anyone trying to break into the property.

ADT home alarms are a great way to increase security and minimize the risks of having criminals breaking into your house. Plan such changes in advance and pick the security measures that are right for your budget. There is no need to spend huge amounts on overly complicated security systems when a few basic changes will deliver great results.


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