Can You Learn Music On Your Own?

  • June 2014
  • Posted By JohnnyG

A common question amongst people is whether or not it is actually possible to become self –taught to play an instrument. The answer to that depends on who you are as a person. If you need someone standing over you and reminding you to practice and to advance your education, there is a good chance that you won’t be able to do it. However, if you are driven and passionate about the learning process, you do have a chance to actually achieve a degree of success with self – taught methods.

A good idea to being this process is to go visit Florida Pianos or a similar business and find an instrument you would love to play. There should be some degree of interest in any instrument, as this will keep you motivated during the learning process.

To manage teaching yourself music, you need to determine what learning style you are. If you need to read instructions and do them on your own, it will be important to have an instructional book to use for guidance. A visual learner in turn may benefit from a video series that can teach them to play. For the audio learner, there are CD lessons that can help to provide you with audio guidance so that you can begin to learn music on your own.

While learning to play music and teaching yourself the basics, it can be a good idea to take plenty of notes and spend extra times in areas you are struggling. No one will understand music theory or how to play an instrument in 10 minutes. It will take time and you need to fully absorb the information and the technique to ensure that you are successful when teaching yourself to play music.

During the learning process, you will find that having a properly tuned instrument is critical. While you do need to learn how to tune it on your own, to begin the process take the time to visit Florida Pianos and similar companies who might be able to help you through this process. They can show you how to tune your instrument and ensure that it is properly tuned so if you are teaching yourself by ear you have a powerful resource on hand that allows you to achieve some incredible results.

You should also be easy on yourself as you make mistakes for the first few months. Fingers don’t always do what you want them to and if you are right handed, using your left hand to play will be tricky at first and you will most likely experience some soreness. By allowing yourself time, you are going to find that being successful when playing music is very possible. If it helps, take 15 minutes several times a day to practice and step away from the instrument when you find yourself becoming frustrated. That way, it continues to be something you enjoy doing, rather than something you feel obligated to do.

Remember that music will take some time to learn and master. While it is something you can absolutely teach yourself to do, it will take time and commitment. Give yourself both and be open and receptive to others helping you along the way. If you do become stuck, speak visit Florida Pianos or another music shop and see if they can help guide you through some of the areas you may be struggling in. That will give you the chance to continue pushing forward and before long, you will have managed to have taught yourself to play music and to better understand the theory behind it.


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