Creating Great Presentations

  • January 2014
  • Posted By JohnnyG

It is important in business to create great presentations. It doesn’t matter what kind of business you happen to be in, just about every company does presentations at one time or another. Some of these are used to promote a new product or service. Some presentations help your overseers or clients see where their money is going, how sales have been boosted over a certain period of time, or to show why you may need more capital in certain areas. Some people use presentations to show how much of a profit their company is earning, how well as certain department or even the company as a whole has helped boost their reputation.

A great presentation takes time to prepare and execute. You have to be able to find all the statistics that show your point, as well as gather information pertaining to the presentation itself. You also want to make sure that you present yourself in a way that is going to attract and keep the attention of the people you are showing, so they don’t get so bored they lose interest, especially for key points.

A great presentation isn’t all about facts and figures either, but the presentation itself. You want to express confidence, that you know what you’re talking about, and you want to convey this message in timely manner. You want to change your pitch, use hand gestures, and have a sense of humor, if it coincides with your message. A boring presentation is just as bad as only giving facts and figures, or presenting it in a dull and boring manner. You want your audience to not only keep their interest, but also agree with what you are talking about, or see your point clearly.

If you have the time, once you have gathered all the necessary information and set up your presentation in a Powerpoint or Excel format, practice the speach part of it in front of the mirror, then get the help of a coworker or your partner. This way they can give you feedback on what your strong points are and where you need to improve. Many people have a problem speaking to a group of people, so practicing in front of someone is going to help. If you are nervous, it is okay to have some kind of cheat sheet to help you get over the rough spots.

Many international companies may have offices around the world, and it is hard for one person to convey their presentation over and over again. These days, many companies are staying connected through the internet, with presentations, conferences and others conveyed through webcasting, also known as video streaming. This has made it much easier to make presentations to people, even if they are across the country or around the world. You can send these live feeds over the internet to another computer, laptop or mobile device, and your audience can watch it live, have it interpreted into their native language, and even save it for later. In addition, if people have questions, they can ask them and get answers in real time.

Webcasting is not only used to do presentations, many schools are using webcasting these days so they can offer online classes. The teacher just sits at a desk, talks into a microphone, looks into a camera, and this is sent out over the internet to students taking the class online.

If you are a company interested in getting started with webcasting, one useful tool is Inxpo Webcasting. This company is located at; and they offer a number of different webcasting services that can help your presentations stand out above your competitor’s. They also provide a number of articles that can help you make sure you are creating the best presentations possible. So when you want to start taking your presentations to the next level, use Inxpo Webcasting.


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