Dating Tips For College Girls

  • March 2013
  • Posted By JohnnyG


No, this advice does not mean you can start telling your date about your fight with your mom. What this means is to open yourself up for opportunities and dating adventures. Be approachable. Don’t try to impress the guys by acting so sophisticated. You may come off as obnoxious or arrogant instead. Keep a balance between acting unconcerned about whether he checks you out or not, and being friendly. To achieve this, your body language is a big factor. Aside from opening up so you can snag that first date, you should also be open to surprises, especially when you’re about to go on a date. But this does not mean you should expect the guy to jump out at you with thousands of roses. Don’t expect surprises, but be prepared for them, just in case. Next, be open to trying out new things. Most guys are impressed with girls who are not afraid to mess up their hair and do something adventurous.


Rule number two in dating: Even if you’ve been eyeing him as well the entire night, you should not immediately say “yes” when he asks you out. Take your sweet time in deciding. Maybe you just wanted to see if you could catch his attention, but when he walks up to you, ask yourself first: do you really want to go on a date with him? Aside from taking your time in answering, take time in preparing for the date as well. Make sure you choose the right outfit. If your date did not give you any indication as to where you might be going, choose a “safe” outfit. A “safe” outfit is one that will make you look and feel good, but can also go for many occasions as well. It should also be comfortable enough to move around in. You never know, you date might take you to a surprise sports activity. You may not be all geared up, but at least you can be up for anything in those comfortable clothes. Most importantly, however, take your time through the date. Don’t rush through the whole thing. It might be easy to get carried away, but make sure to enjoy the experience. When you rush through the date, chances are, you will not have fun and you will just be stressed by the whole thing. It’s a date. You are entitled to taking your sweet time.


It is easy to over-analyze especially when you are excited. But in the dating realm, overanalyzing may lead to ugly consequences. The key is to step back for a moment and situate yourself. Be confident. Don’t stress yourself out wondering if you look divine, if he will like you, if he thinks you look dazzling, or if he’ll ask you out again. Doing so will take your attention away from the date itself and you will miss the opportunity to just have fun. Besides, thinking too much will cause you to become absentminded and this will then lead to awkward silences. Nothing ruins a date the way awkward silences do. Relax and enjoy the moment. Also, before going on a date, don’t think about it too much. Thinking about the date and anticipating its arrival will only heighten your expectations, and the date may fall short of these expectations. Just go with the flow. In the end, it might not matter where you end up, such as whether he asked you out again or not; the important thing is that you had fun.


Most girls often commit the big mistake of getting all dolled up and even acting like one! Not because you’re the girl of his dreams doesn’t mean you have to act, talk, move, and speak like his dream girl, a goddess, or any other girl, for that matter. You don’t have to live up to his expectations. Be yourself! Also, don’t let shyness or poise restrict you from moving freely. If you feel like sneezing, don’t try to keep it in. Go ahead and sneeze. A girl trying so hard to keep her poise will easily come off as awkward. Also, don’t just keep quiet and leave the conversation to the guy. If you want to say something, speak your mind. There’s no better way for the guy to get to know you than to listen to what you have to say. It’s also a good test whether the guy will listen and respect your opinions, or will just keep on talking about himself and his own opinions. Just remember that it is better to act, talk, and move naturally, than to try and act refined. The worse that can happen is that your date will see through your efforts and you may come off as desperate. It helps to also let go of some of the control sometimes. Dating is not equivalent to impressing. Dating is getting to know who a person is.


Don’t make such a big deal out of the date – not before, and definitely not after. When the date is successful, don’t start preparing for the next one. Relax and go through your daily routines while waiting for the guy to make a follow up. In fact, don’t even wait. If he doesn’t call back, don’t fret over whether you did something wrong. Just think that you went out on the date with someone and showed the person who you really are. If he doesn’t like it, then it’s definitely not your loss. That’s just how it is in the world of dating. When it doesn’t work out with a guy, don’t feel sorry for yourself and think that there’s something wrong with you. Sometimes, two people are just not meant to be more than friends or acquaintances. After all, the challenge in dating is not to make something work with the first person you go out with. The challenge is to find the person you click the most with.

The most important thing to remember in dating is that you are not doing it to stress yourself out. You are dating to get to know as many people as you can, so you will find the best person who will fit your personality the way he or she is destined to. There’s no rush in finding that person, so don’t miss the entire dating experience. You’ll know when you’ve found the right one, and when you do, at least you’ll be quite certain about it. While you’re waiting, though, enjoy the dating scene the best you can!


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