Education in Modern Schools

  • July 2014
  • Posted By JohnnyG

Education in modern schools has changed a lot. It used to be that all work was done on paper with pencils, using real books and other materials. Over the years books and other materials became more and more expensive, so many of the books used were outdated. Unfortunately, while many of these materials cost rose, school funding continued to decrease. More and more often parents had to cover costs, whether they themselves could afford it or not.

Technology has made modern schooling much more effective. Instead of having to pay for materials like pens, pencils, paper, etc, these have been replaced by iPads and tablets. Tablets in education are very popular. Not only do they replace all these materials, schools don’t have to rely on outdated books. Everything can be downloaded from the internet instead, making it cheaper than buying hundreds of books. In addition, many problems are eliminated. For example students can no longer use excuses like, ‘I lost my homework,’ or “I swear I turned that assignment in.’ Since everything can be submitted electronically, teachers can know at a glance whether a student has turned in their work or not. Teachers don’t lose paperwork either. Communication is more streamlined. Instead of having to waste paper sending letters home to parents, emails can be sent out immediately. Parents can also communicate with teachers and other school staff in the same way.

Overall, costs are much less. especially when it comes to the costs parents have to pay. While these tablets and laptops may cost more initially, the return on investment is much better. A decent tablet sells for around 3-4 hundred dollars, but can be used throughout the student’s academic career, even taken on to college with few upgrades. If you consider how much standard materials cost over the course of one year, then times that buy 12, it is quite a bit more than paying for a laptop or tablet.

Other advantages of using technology in modern schools is that the student can study anytime, anywhere. They can start projects or assignments at school, then bring them home and not have to worry about losing information or their train of thought. They can go out with their tablet and work at the park, a friends house, or a cafe, without having to carry a bunch of books and papers with them. They can save this information directly on their device, or on some kind of cloud service. This way they are keeping better track of their homework, and if there IS some mix up, they can simply submit the information again.

If we are talking about modern schools, don’t forget to talk about school websites. Designing a clean and modern site is important, because it reflects the entire institute. Having an official website is a must have in the 21’st century.

With more and more schools getting into the modern age, the need for wireless WIFI services is growing by leaps and bounds. Because so many wireless solutions for schools are available on the market, it is important that the school gets the most for their money. Administrators have to really shop around, and make sure the company they work with offers the best solutions for their needs, but also at a price they can afford. Some of the things to consider are that the WIFI networks are able to handle to large capacities that are going to be needed by schools, both for teachers, as well as students. If the system goes down, it is going to affect everyone. It is also important that the company provide constant maintenance and upgrades at no additional cost.

If your school is located in the Ohio area, then one company you can turn to for all your IT needs is Forward Edge. This company specializes in the needs of schools, and offers cutting edge technology for schools from kindergarten to the 12th grade. Their team of partners have years of educational technology experience, and are the best in the industry.


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