Efficient Leadership for Tech Startups

  • January 2014
  • Posted By JohnnyG

Some people are natural leaders and they often stand out from the pack of other workers. At the same time, other employees are unfound diamonds and when you give them a little work they can become great managers also. The key is to pay close attention to what makes a great manager.

Honesty is a critical piece of the equation. You are going to find that people who lie and deceive their subordinates tend to lose the very allies they need to be successful. It is critical that all times, the manager remains open and honest with their team. While honesty is not a characteristic that can easily be redefined, it is easy to spot those who excel with this trait.

Being able to manage employees and tasks are equally important. While this can be difficult for some professionals, simple team task management software can help. With this software, your team members have clear and concise information on what they will need to accomplish. Managers can then track progress in the simple task management software and deal with issues before they become bigger problems. This ensures a greater degree of success. At the same time, notes on the daily performance of employees can be maintained. During weekly and monthly meetings, this will be a great way to find new goals for the individual to work on and further guarantee their long term success.

The ability to listen to employees is also important. Many workers believe a person they can talk to and get help and guidance will be someone they can trust. It is important to give employees the chance to grow and shine, while being secure in your own success and talents. No team is successful because of one person and a good manager gives their entire team the tools for success and encourages them to showcase their talents often. This is important to keep in mind at all times when a team is being led.

Ideally, the best manager will also have the following characteristics and behaviors associated with them. Many of these traits can be worked on and defined, with some time and effort put into them:

Self-discipline and knowing when to be a friend and when to be a boss.
Motivation to keep moving forward and reaching for a goal, while dealing with obstacles as they come up.
Understanding that people make mistakes and knowing how to fix problems as soon as they come up.
Dealing with conflict and crisis before workplace hostility escalates.
Being flexible and reasonable with your employees, understanding that they too are human.
Acting as a leader and being the first to step up and encouraging others to join you.
Effectively communicating and opening up honest communication with staff to ensure unity and common respect.
Developing your skill set and ensuring that the skill set of your employees is maintained and improved on often.

Every manager has the potential to be successful when these core areas are focused on. Just because one person may not have previous experience with leading a team, doesn’t necessarily mean that they cannot be successful. Instead, it will be important to look at what they have to work with and determine if growth is possible. With education and tools like a simple team task management software, more people can become successful in this position and truly shine in their industry. It just takes a little hard work and dedication from upper management to make it happen.


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