Should Employees Be Allowed Access To Facebook At Work?

  • March 2014
  • Posted By JohnnyG

This can be a big debate between bosses and employees. Do people that use Facebook and other social media able to access these sites from work? If so, how much should they be allowed to? If not, then why and how can an employer monitor these activities, to make sure rules against it are effective? There are both pros and cons to employees using social media at work, and while we can’t get to them all, here are some of the biggest ones.

Let’s start with the pros of allowing social media in the workplace. Some say that social media is not just a way to keep in touch with family and friends, or to play games, but it is a way to network with other people, and to advertise a business or brand. Certainly when employees are on Facebook they are talking with other people and if asked, will talk about what they are doing at work. When work subjects come up, these people may be curious about what kind of work the person does, which promotes the company. Some people may consider using social media websites as an outlet for stress. Taking breaks is important, especially after heated debates, or stressful conversations on the phone, or just being bored. Getting a chance to escape for a little bit can calm an employee down, or be a relief for boredom so they can get back to work. Who doesn’t need that at least once in awhile?

The problem is that many employers and companies feel that there are more problems with letting their employees have access to social media sites than there are benefits. They have many concerns that relate to allowing this to happen. Let’s take one of the most obvious ones, lowered productivity. When employees are allowed access to these sites from work, they are less interested in getting their work done. Let’s take games for an example. How many people are addicted to some of the games on Facebook? You know the ones, match three games or missing object ones. You think you are only going to spend a few minutes, you only have five lives, but this turns into an hour or more. You do this at work and you are going to get very little done.

Another big problem the employers have when it comes to accessing social media websites is security. The internet can be a dangerous place, with all sorts of hackers, malware and viruses on it. Employers don’t want you accessing these sites, or linking to other sites and inadvertently downloading these malicious programs onto their network servers, affecting all the computers in your company. All sorts of things can happen, the software for your company could be damaged, or hijacked. The computers might have to be completely replaced, and at the very least you are going to be fired.

These are just some of the pros and cons of allowing employees access to social media websites. You can find other resources and statistics online. So let’s get to the next thing about social media access from a work computer. How do you monitor your employee’s activities when they are using the computer? You can be hovering over them all day, and many many employees are sneaky about it anyway. One of the best ways you can keep track of your worker’s online activities is with Work Examiner software. This is software that you download onto your company’s server, and it keeps track of the internet activities of everyone using the internet throughout your office. It isn’t a privacy issue, for one, as long as you are aware that these computers are being monitored its’ okay. You can tell your employees if you want to, they should have nothing to hide.


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