Exercises You Can Do in Your Own Dorm Room

  • March 2014
  • Posted By JohnnyG

Many people these days are going back to college to get a better education, and for many reasons. They want a better job, they are doing it as an accomplishment to their friends or family, even themselves. While there are those that prefer to do their classes online, many choose to go to school on a real campus, living at a college dorm on and around campus.

It is important to keep in shape while you’re going to school. It is hard to eat right, since you are pretty much busy constantly, studying, cramming for tests, working to keep up on bills, even going to parties and sporting events so you can relax and unwind sometimes. Sure you may try to eat right, but having mushrooms, olives, and tomato sauce on your pizza doesn’t constitute a well balanced diet. In addition, you are probably slamming coffee in the morning, and drinking energy drinks in the afternoon to stay alert.

On top of this, you are probably not getting enough exercise on a regular basis. You are sitting in lecture rooms, at your desk in your dorm, maybe standing or sitting for long periods of time while at work, and of course there are the parties. All of these sedentary activities, compounded with the lack of a healthy diet, can take its toll on your body. If you are tired all the time, are mentally sluggish in many cases, and are finding that you may be gaining or losing a lot of weight, these are all caused by the college lifestyle.

You don’t have to be stuck in this routine. You have to find time to keep fit even if it is doing exercises in your dorm room, in any spare time you may have. You may have a swimming pool somewhere on campus. If you can go swimming in the morning, it can help you be more alert and relaxed for the day ahead. There are also a number of different exercises to do in a short period of time that will keep you active and alert. One of them is jumping jacks, which gets your heart pumping, but if you live in an upper floor room, this may not be a good choice. You can run in place, do sit ups with your feet under the edge of your bed. You can even get a cheap dumbbell set from a variety of resources. You can go online and buy a set for around a few dollars, not including shipping. You may even know someone that has a set they aren’t using any more to borrow from.

The internet is wealth of information when it comes to finding exercises you can do in small spaces. You don’t even have to be limited to your room, just going up and down the stairs instead of the elevator is a way to stay in shape. Walking to and from classes, using a bike to get around town instead of driving can also be fun and easy ways to stay in shape. It is also important to eat healthier. If you are eating out, have a salad as an alternative to fries. Eat lower calorie foods, baked or grilled food instead of fried foods. Instead of having those potato chips, have some rice chips or crackers, fruit snacks, or even beef jerky.

In addition to keeping in shape and eating right, it is also important that you maintain a healthy mindset. While it may be hard, you really need to get enough sleep each day. You don’t have to sleep all the way through the night, many college students just don’t get enough sleep at night. Some people take power naps during the day, for fifteen minutes, a half an hour, whenever they can. This can help you stay alert without all the jitters of drinking coffee or energy drinks.


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