Free Laptops for School?

  • December 2013
  • Posted By JohnnyG

Each year millions of people are going back to school to better their education and their lives. There are many reasons, whether it is to get a better job, or earn more money in their current job, to make their friends and families proud of them, just to name a few. While many are going to a brick and mortar campus, these days many schools are offering online courses. There are literally hundreds of different courses available, from nursing, accounting, criminal law, computer sciences, the list goes on. You also have specialized courses that may not have been readily available a decade ago, renewable energy, and environmental sciences.

There are many advantages of going back to school online. You can go to school around your schedule. You can do your school work early in the morning before work, or the children get up, or late in the evening. Some people take classes from home, which is good because there is not all the peer pressure that is associated with going to to a brick and mortar campus. You can also take classes and do your homework on the go with your laptop or iPad, so you can be just about anywhere there is internet access and do your schooling.

One of the difficulties with going back to school is certainly paying for it. It isn’t just tuition and courses, but supplies as well. A lot of people simply can’t afford a laptop for exclusively doing their schoolwork, and often use their home computers. This can be a hassle, you want something that is just for doing your schoolwork.

In order lure more students into attending their schools, some colleges are offering free laptops when they go back to school. It doesn’t matter whether you are going back to school online or at a real campus, you get to use a real laptop to help you with your schoolwork. Here is some more information about it.

Many people have questions about these laptops, because they feel it just sounds too good to be true. These are real laptops, and brand new out of the box. They include all the software you need for school, Excel, Powerpoint, Word, and many others. These laptops also include wireless internet, excellent graphics, and the latest processors. Many of these laptops are top brand names like Dell, HP, Toshiba, and Apple, just to name a few.

So if these laptops are so great, why are the giving them away for free? Well they want you to graduate before you actually get to own the laptop. You still have it in your possession, but if you fail, have to drop out, or leave school for some other reason, you are required to give it back, or you will be charged whatever the cost was at the time you received it.

There are other restrictions on having your laptop. While you do have some leeway, you can’t just use your laptop for anything. You can’t look up adult websites for an example, or use it to promote a business, etc. You may ask yourself, how will the school know what my online activities are? There is a chip in each laptop that monitors your computer usage, and if you are found to be accessing sites you shouldn’t be, they will shut down your computer, and take it away from you. Usually there are no tolerance policies in these cases.

You can look for online colleges that offer laptops on the internet. There are actually many accredited schools offering them. If you need more information then one great website to go to is; They offer an abundance of information, which online schools offer laptops, courses to help you get the most out of your laptop, and much, much more. There are also a number of other valuable resources as well.


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