Hearing Loss Treatments

  • June 2013
  • Posted By JohnnyG

Before we get into hearing loss treatments, let’s look at some of the causes of hearing loss, as well as what some of the symptoms are. There are really many types of hearing loss. Some hearing loss is caused by getting sick, where you ears are plugged up because of sinus pressure. You may have a variety of symptoms, from hearing people talk like they’re in a fishbowl, to pressure that causes you not to hear very much. Your ears tend to feel plugged, and sometimes blowing your nose just makes it worse. Fortunately, this type of hearing loss is usually temporary and gets better when you do.

Tinnitus is another type of hearing loss. Also known as a ringing in the ears, but it can also be a swishing sound, or hearing crickets. Sometimes the person suffering can only hear it, in other cases even a physician examining the patient can also hear it. What happens here is that the ringing often drowns out other sounds, people talking, sounds of the television or radio, and even background noise, because the ringing is louder and more distracting. There are many different causes, infections of the ear, obstructions, and even some medications can cause these problems. Hearing loss treatment for this problem can include flushing of the ear canal, and medication, just to name a few.

Then you have sensorineural hearing loss. Sounds travel all right through the outside and middle of the year, but problems in the cochlea, or inner ear make these sounds distorted, or you just don’t hear certain sounds at all. It is believed that some of these problems are caused by the loss or damage of the hairs in your inner ear that pick up sound, nerve damage, or a combination of both. There are a number of factors that may cause this type of hearing loss. Nerve damage in the brain, a genetic predisposition, and even some surgical procedures are some of them. . Usually those that have a genetic predisposition to getting this type of hearing loss don’t even know it at first. It may start springing up during the teen years, in some cases, from pregnancy, and even age.

These of course are just a few of the types of hearing loss that is experienced by young and old alike. There are numerous hearing loss treatment options available, depending on the type of hearing loss, as well as the severity. For naturally occurring hearing loss, caused by age related problems, there are a number of hear aids and devices that can help. Some of these hearing problems get better on their own, and others can be treated with different kinds of medication. Some of these are prescription medication, others are over the counter remedies.

It seems like a lot of people are getting on the hearing loss bandwagon. There are literally hundreds of websites offering different hearing loss treatment products. When it comes to these products, you really have to do some research, to see if these products are real, and are going to help you, or are nothing but a gimmick that plays on your problems.

One product for hearing loss treatment that may be something to consider is The Hearing Loss Pill, located at www.hearinglosspill.com. This is an oral pill that apparently works at the root of the problem, the nerves in the ear and brain. It is supposed to improve the nerves inside the ear, as well as the nerves in the brain that interpret sounds. Another thing this product claims is that loud sounds aren’t actually the cause of hearing loss, but that when we are bombarded with loud sound, the body sends out harmful molecules to counteract them. Unfortunate, these molecules don’t always dissipate, and this pill helps to get rid of this as well. This pill also includes ingredients that boost the immune system and replenish essential nutrients.

In the end, it is up to you, with advice from your doctor, to determine which hearing loss treatment is right for you.


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