Helpful tools for Students

  • March 2014
  • Posted By JohnnyG

Many people are studying online these days, bettering their education, trying to find a good job, a career, even job security. There numerous degrees and courses available, so it doesn’t matter what you want to study. You can even take foreign language lessons online, and you don’t have to be enrolled in any kind of special school to do it. There are several great online language courses online, with varying costs, depending on the course and the school.

Even if you are doing great in school, there are many helpful tools for students that can greatly increase their productivity, their organization, and even help them get better grades. Let’s take organizing tools for an example. There are many different tools that can help keep you organized. One helpful tool is Evernote. Evernote is a helpful app for your iPhone, tablet, or other mobile device. It is a note taking app, and you can write down any kind of notes or helpful information you may need, then access wherever you are, on any device, even your computer or laptop. These notes are recorded in the Cloud, and online storage device. This way you are not forgetting anything, or having to delete important information because of space limitations.

Another great resource tool for students is called dropbox. This is another app that uses the cloud to store information. You know how valuable your school related files are, and even ones that you may not consider important now might be later. You want to save these files, but again, you may not have the space on your laptop, phone, or other devices. By storing these on the cloud, you can keep them as long as you need to, easily accessible anytime. Dropbox keeps these files neatly organized, so you can find what you’re looking for quickly.

Another problem that some people have is with conversion rates. You know, converting to metric, celsius, even how to measure liquids. Many haven’t even had to use this information since they were in grade school, so who knows how much a gallon of water weighs, or how many grams are in an ounce. We have a number of tools to measure these, but you should always know how to do conversions. If you are looking for online metric conversions, or other conversions, there is a free resource you can use, called; It doesn’t matter what kind of information you may be looking for when it comes to measurements, weight, volume or density, this site can help you.

Going online can help you find many other tools that can help students through college. Let’s say for an example that you are looking for some kind of publication, for an essay, a thesis, or some research for a different writing assignment. You don’t have to search aimlessly to find what you’re looking for, just go to a student document website instead. They list thousands of different documents, no matter what kind of materials you need. Speaking of essays and other papers, there are also many different websites that can help you with your essay writing. Many of these sites won’t actually write your papers for you, that would be cheating, right? Instead, you can use their services to help edit documents, make sure your papers are plagiarism free, as well as many others. There are even sites that can take all the research you have done, and what kind of document you need, and put it together for you. You may not have actually written the paper, but you DID do all the required research.

These are just some of the helpful tools for students that you can find online. It is important to understand that getting help is not a bad thing. Lot’s of people are too proud to ask for help, even when they know that they don’t understand something, and get angry when they don’t get a good grade. Take advantage of these tools.


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