How to Keep Your College Room Clean

  • March 2013
  • Posted By JohnnyG

College life is so intense and fun that many students lack the time to clean their room. Are you one of those people who find it difficult to begin tidying up? At the same time, are you worried about being bitten by bed bugs due to low hygiene? It is relatively simple to keep your college room clean, as long as you take several minutes per day to break bad habits.

Simple Changes!
Starting to work on some very simple changes will make it much easier for you to keep your college room clean.

Make up your bed immediately after you get up in the morning. Instead of throwing clothes on the floor, put them where they belong. You will be surprised by the results you will achieve through such simple changes.

Finally, you should get into the habit of throwing garbage in the trash can. Leaving it on the desk or in your bed will make it so much more challenging to get things in order.

Food in Your College Room
Many students eat in their college rooms because having meals there is both time saving and convenient. Food leftovers, however, will pile up and create a highly unhygienic atmosphere in the room.

Try to refrain from eating in the room. You can certainly take it outside for half an hour. Just like others, you are probably thinking about eating a sandwich while writing a paper but the trash that will remain afterwards is one of the easiest ways to get bugs in your room and to make cleaning more difficult.

If you still have to eat in the college room, try to collect all of the trash and throw it outside immediately after you are done.

Eating food in your room also means having to deal with dirty dishes. Many students will just leave the greasy plates there, deciding to wash them a week later. Return the dishes to the kitchen immediately after you finish the meal. Use the vacuum cleaner to collect all of the crumbs and small food particles that could have fallen on the floor.

Remove Clutter
Keeping your college room clean will be difficult if you have to many items to deal with. A clutter-free room creates a nicer living space and it will also be easier to clean.

Do some planning in advance. Create a list of the items that you absolutely need to have in your college room. All kinds of decorations and small pieces that will collect dust in the room should be left at home. Once you get used to clutter-free living, you will find it to be highly enjoyable.

Vacuum cleaning and dusting is also going to be easier, if you have fewer pieces of furniture and items to deal with.

Keep in mind that you will accumulate some belongings during your college years. This is why you need to have empty space in your room. Take some time to go through your personal belongings and to put everything useless in a box. Once you are done, you can send these items back home.

It is Essential to Keep the Bathroom Clean
Finally, remember that bathroom hygiene is essential for your health and well being.

Wash the sink and make sure that the toilet is cleaned properly at least two times per week. Use anti-bacterial detergents and scrub the surface diligently.

Cleaning the bathroom is even more important if you share it with another student. In such instances, you can come up with a bathroom cleaning schedule, which will have you responsible for hygiene every other week.


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