How to Pick Up Girls and Succeed Each Time

  • July 2013
  • Posted By JohnnyG

Many men are afraid of approaching women because they expect to be turned down. There are several very simple strategies that will increase the chances of success when picking up girls.

Work on Your Self-Confidence
There is no such thing as a girl being out of your league. You are setting the limits yourself and they are affecting your chances of impressing a lady.

Work on building your self-confidence. Women can instinctively spot the “alpha males.” Shy men will be ignored, even if they are very nice, good-looking, ready for a long term relationship and willing to please a partner.

Go on a few dates to work on your communication skills. The more fun you have, the more confident you will feel. Being more certain in your abilities will give you the courage needed to approach strangers and to enjoy such opportunities.

Use Body Language to Your Advantage
Women are capable of understanding subtle signals. There is no need to talk to a girl at the club, in order to show her that you are interested.

Use body language to show her that you are interested. Look her way and try to establish eye contact. If she notices you, smile. Refrain from staring at her, it may get her scared and worried. Let her know that you are interested in a delicate way.

Learn how to dance, if you are trying to pick up girls at the club. Men who know interesting dance moves and who are not afraid to show their skills will get many girls interested. It is imperative that you know what you are doing, however. The dance moves that you develop yourself could often look ridiculous rather than masculine and sexy.

Stop Using Clichéd Pick Up Lines
Do you have a repertoire of pick up lines? Forget about all of them. There is nothing more clichéd and unimpressive than trying to pick up a girl by using pick up lines.

Be yourself, no matter how worried you feel. Phrases that dozens of other guys have used before you are only going to get her annoyed.

Try to start a conversation. Giving her an honest compliment is one of the best ways to make her happy and to stand out from the crowd. If she is attending the club with a group of friends, you should try to win the other girls over. Making her friends laugh and have a good time is certainly going to impress her.

Your Sense of Humor is Important
You have probably heard that girls love guys who are capable of making them laugh. This statement is 100 percent true.

Your sense of humor is a really powerful tool that you can use to pick up girls. It will compensate for the imperfections in your appearance and for the shyness that are preventing you from being successful with the ladies.

Be careful with the selection of jokes for the start of the conversation. Avoid sensitive topics until you get to know her better. Otherwise, you risk going into dangerous territories and offending her. Keep it friendly, polite and lighthearted for a start.

Flirting with girls and using your pick up skills should be a pleasant adventure rather than a stressful endeavor. Still, many men lack the confidence needed to enjoy the process and have a good time. Work on your own self and your emotional harmony before you try to master the art of picking up girls.

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