How to Prepare for Online College

  • January 2013
  • Posted By JohnnyG

Many people spend their entire adolescence preparing for college. They work hard to get good grades while staying active in extracurricular activities and community organizations. After all, the more well rounded a student is, the better their college application will look.

Soon the college visitations start. If they don’t have someone paying for their schooling, there’s also a lot of work and saving done. All of this just to attend a school they haven’t chosen yet so they can pursue a career they probably haven’t decided on.

It’s a lot of pressure on a teenager.

Thankfully, there’s been a major shift happening in the world of education from traditional classrooms to online education. With online college, tuition is cheaper (sometimes free), options are greater, and there’s no need to travel. But with such a different take on the college experience, how does a person prepare for it?

Online College Preparation

A good place to start is simply by trying some online courses. If you’re still in high school, you might want to consider online high school. Otherwise, there are actually free college courses that can be taken online, many of which are offered by major universities. Websites like Coursera help you find entire educational tracks offered by places such as The University of Michigan and Stanford, all for no cost.

Once you’ve completed these programs, you’re generally issued a certificate as proof of your accomplishments. This is a great way to get your feet wet in the college world and learn something new. However, many serious jobs out there are still looking for the four year degree.

There are many different online colleges offering many different degrees. If a person is paying for online classes, they need to pick a major that can get them a job that will earn them their money back. The best way to prepare for earning an online degree is to decide what you have a passion for and what jobs fall in line with that passion. That will keep you driven to finish and leave you satisfied when your degree is earned.

The final element for a person to consider when preparing for online college is simply what they’ll be doing while attending college. Since online college is a lot more accommodating of a student’s schedule, students are free to pursue careers or personal hobbies while earning their degree.

The great thing about online education is it’s never too late to prepare. It’s always there, just waiting for the next person to enroll.


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