How To Know if Your Girlfriend is Cheating On You

  • February 2014
  • Posted By JohnnyG

Ever had that suspicious feeling that there is something wrong with your relationship? Maybe your girlfriend is suddenly distant, doesn’t have time for you, or is constantly going places without you? Is she dating with other guys? It is hard to say. The first things you have to consider is that maybe she is just busy, or wants to spend some extra time with her girlfriends. Are you being jealous for no reason? It is always important to make sure that these feelings aren’t just in your head before you go making these accusations.

There are always telltale signs that your girlfriend may be cheating on you. Some are subtle, while others are right in your face. Your girlfriend could be lying to your face, saying that you are the only one she loves, then go right out and cheat on you with someone else. Why? Because men do it all the time, so why shouldn’t a woman be able to do it too? While we simply can’t include all the signs that your woman may be cheating on you, here are a few.

One sure sign she is dating with other guys is the smell of another man’s cologne on her, or if suddenly she is wearing a different perfume. Just because she wears another kind of perfume doesn’t necessarily mean she’s cheating on you, but in some cases it does. Another sign she could be cheating is if she stops caring what your faults are. Some women like to make sure their man is dressing the right way, acting a certain way, and if this is your woman, and suddenly she stops nagging you about things that used to annoy her, it could mean that she simply doesn’t care anymore. One of the biggest signs that she may be cheating on you is your sex life pretty much goes away completely. She is either cheating, or is not longer interested in you, both of which can be devastating.

The problem is, even if you may be suspicious, you have to have definite proof that she is cheating. With today’s technology, there are many ways to get the proof you need to confront her, or to catch her right in the act of dating someone else. One of these ways is through cell phone spying. What is it a spy phone? How does it work? Here is the simple gist of how this spy technology works. It is basically a software program you install on your cell phone, as well as her, ‘target’ phone. It is fairly simple to install, especially if you have her phone password. You simply download the software onto the phones, and you can monitor her calls, as well as her text messages, both outgoing as well as incoming. You can get this information downloaded to your phone or other mobile device, or your laptop or home computer. The nice part is, depending on the software, it works with just about any cell phone on the market, iPhones, Android, Windows, even Blackberry. With the latest software, you can monitor incoming and outgoing calls, Skype calling, and even Facebook, just to name a few.

It is important that you understand that some states don’t allow spying, while others say that as long as one person knows about it, that it isn’t illegal. In either case, it is important that you are able to have the evidence you need to confront her. If she is setting up dates with another guy/s, then you can simply show up where they are going to be. If you are interested in more information on spy phone technology, there is a website you can go to. This site is called The have been in the business of spyware software since 2006, and are leaders in the industry.


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