US & The Legalization of Marijuana

  • April 2014
  • Posted By JohnnyG

The debate about the legalization of marijuana has been ongoing. Some people fear that the legalization will encourage abuse but several countries across the globe that have completed the process stand as evidence of the contrary. Several US states legalized cannabis use for medicinal purposes, which means that general legalization is a viable possibility that could happen in the coming years.

There are several important reasons why the legalization of marijuana should at least be considered.

Less Drug Smuggling and Drug-Related Crimes
Any activity that becomes legal will be subjected to strict regulations and taxation. This legal framework will decrease the number of crimes that are connected to marijuana smuggling and distribution.

The taxation of marijuana growing and selling will add millions of dollars to the national budget. This money will be diverted away from drug cartels. Additionally, the number of prohibition-related murders will also be expected to decrease. According to a Forbes report, there have been 24,000 prohibition related murders in Mexico for the past eight years.

Finally, significant portions of the national budget will be available for diversion to other vitally important activities after the legalization of marijuana. These financial and crime-related benefits are too significant to be underestimated.

Medical Benefits
The medical benefits of marijuana have been studies and documented extensively. These are the reason for its legalization in several states. If you are interested in the plant and its medicinal qualities, you can learn more about marijuana seeds online.

Marijuana is a very efficient pain medication. The use of marijuana extract has also been proven to benefit people suffering from HIV and AIDS. Multiple sclerosis sufferers can benefit from marijuana because of its anti-inflammatory qualities.

Several studies prove that marijuana is more efficient than a few pharmaceutical products and apparently, it is a lot safer than these.

Alcohol and Cigarettes are Legal?
The truth is that we have legal and easy access to mind-altering substances already. This is the case with alcohol and with some pharmacological products that can be purchased quite easily.

This is a great paradox. Why are so many harmful substances legal and a plant that could potentially deliver great medicinal benefits still considered something wrong, something that should never be used?

The claim that marijuana kills brain cells is apparently a myth. The studies performed involved animals, which were subjected to marijuana smoke. Some of them suffocated, which was attributed to brain damage. More research will have to be done to confirm the fact that cannabis use in humans can lead to the death of brain cells.

Stricter Control Means Better Marijuana
Drug smuggling and the illegal distribution of marijuana has resulted in so many shady practices.

A lot of the illegal marijuana that is currently being sold by drug dealers is either of inferior quality or mixed with other ingredients. It is easy to understand why this is so dangerous. Strict rules and regulations will result in higher quality and much safer use of cannabis.

Legal Marijuana, Less Popular Marijuana
The forbidden fruit is always the most attractive one. The war waged on drugs has only boosted their popularity among younger individuals. There is a related “cool factor” that can easily be taken out of the equation through legalization.

This is why the belief that legalization of marijuana will increase the number of people abusing is so misguided. Once it becomes legal and available through a strictly regulated system, marijuana will lose some of its charm and appeal.

Every theory has two sides. The number of people speaking about the benefits, rather than the dangers, of marijuana legalization is increasing. Only the future will tell how governments will react to such arguments and what the result will be.


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