What is Lifelock?

  • December 2013
  • Posted By JohnnyG

In this high tech world where we are using a number of different mobile devices, it is extremely important that we make sure that our identities are safe and secure. We are doing a lot of different things online these days. We are using our phones iPads and other devices to access the internet to shop, do online banking, and download numerous kinds of information. While we may think these connections are secure, the truth is that hackers and thieves are also online trying to steal our vital information. This can be anything from bank account information, credit and debit card numbers, and more personal information like social security numbers.

You really need a way to not only monitor your activities online, but also prevent thieves from stealing your identity. If someone steals your identity, they can do all sorts of things. They could have access to your accounts, open credit cards in your name, and use your identity to make purchases, basically ruining your credit rating, destroying your life. It isn’t enough to just monitor your credit rating, many people already do this. The problem is that when your monitoring service notifies you that there is some suspicious activity going on, it’s already too late.

This is really where Lifelock comes into play. They provide a proactive way to make sure that nobody steals your identity. They use a five point system to make sure your activities are safe and secure, no matter what you may be doing. Their five point approach includes monitoring your identity, tracking your credit score, scanning for threats, responding to identity theft, and of course their money back guarantee. They offer basic services, ultimate services, and even protection of your children. Many people don’t even think about their kids when it comes to identity theft, but their unmonitored credit and identities are especially vulnerable.

Depending on your level of protection, lifelock not only monitors your credit rating but also contact credit bureaus and gets you off credit card mailing lists, lowering the amount of mailings you get. It also tracks public and court records, including any other names you may have used, or that someone else may be using. It gives you a detailed report of this monthly. Using their network, they also make sure that noone else it trying to obtain your information, and if there is suspicious activities, they block these from going any further. They monitor known criminal websites, that try to sell your information, and even go so far as to monitor people trying to get payday loans or opening different accounts in your name.

They offer just too many services to mention them all here. The point is that if you want to make sure you are protected against identity thieves this is the way to do it. You can find out more information about LIfelock at their official website Lifelock.com. There are a number of Lifelock reviews sites available as well. It is important that you shop around for the best protection, at a price you can afford. So far reviews of this protection have been positive, and considering all the features and services offered it really isn’t that expensive, only $10 a month for their basic service. Lifelock not only offers a complete money back guarantee, if your identity is stolen while under their services, they will spend up to a million dollars to help you get your identity back. This is much more than any other monitoring services offer.

While most monitoring services only inform you after something happens, this company is proactive and makes sure that credit and identity theft doesn’t happen in the first place. Preventing cyber and identity theft is much better than having to clean up the mess after it happens, and much less expensive.


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