Military Online Colleges: 3 Important Questions

  • November 2012
  • Posted By JohnnyG

Military online colleges can provide significant chances for military servicemen to allow them to get advances in their careers not only while they are enlisted, but even after they have finished their tour of duty.  It is not difficult to imagine the kind of demands that military servicemen have to go through on a regular basis not only in service of their country, but also in the aspect of being away from their families.  Despite the considerable benefits that the government provides for them and their beneficiaries, there is still a need to have a certain degree of personal development.

There are a number of online educational institutions that are covered under the G.I. Bill, which means that maximum benefits can be received.  There are others that provide additional assistance to the members of the military and even veterans who would want to complete their degree or earn a new one.

To assist veterans interested in going to school, our friends at Military Friendly Online Colleges shared a comprehensive FAQ to make sure that you get the most out of this educational experience:

  1. What are the common benefits of taking an online education?

There is no question that being enrolled in military online colleges provide unique advantages to the members of the military.  Regardless whether you are already an active member or still considering to be a part of the military, having the opportunity to simultaneously attend college to get your degree can be extremely beneficial for you.  It is important to realize that in the past, this type of opportunity was almost non-existent.

Advancements in technology have made it possible for military servicemen to pursue their education through online colleges and universities that are accessible regardless where their tour takes them.  Majority of the online educational institutions will have a separate curriculum that will specifically cater to the special needs of members of the armed forces. This allows them to receive their degree despite their busy schedules.

A solid education is not wasted, and the future of military servicemen becomes brighter even if they are still in active duty.  The flexibility of the training programs allows for continued education even when they are deployed overseas, in training at sea, or even when there is no access to traditional classrooms.  There is also a huge selection of courses that will be appropriate to the unique interests of individual members of the armed forces.

The best part is that the effectiveness of online learning has already been established.  According to the study conducted by the United States Department of Education in 2009, this type of education strategy allowed students to perform better compared to the traditional classroom approach.

  1. What types of degrees are available to military servicemen?

There are numerous online educational institutions that design unique curriculum that will be specific to members of the armed forces, regardless whether they are active or not.  The wide variety of degrees can be anything from Child Development to Accounting.  There are also some degree programs that will further their knowledge of military responsibilities like in the case of Military Program Acquisition.

Some military online colleges can also offer online certificate programs that will have a variety of scope and subject matter.  This means that some of the degrees can have a direct beneficial effect on their military careers.  There are likewise some options for the possibility of post-military careers like Strategic Leadership, Joint Warfare and Criminal Justice, European History, or even IT Project Management among others.

Earning the degree online provides military servicemen with an extensive selection of educational opportunities that can also result in the promotion in rank, which is sometimes dependent on the completion of their bachelor’s degree.  There are degree programs that will allow members of the armed forces to work in the military even after their active duty like in the case of Business Administration, Intelligence Studies, Computer Science, English, and Sociology among others.

Having a Master’s Degree is equally as feasible online.  There are a number of programs that can be considered like Master of Arts in National Security Studies, Master of Science in Public Health, Master of Arts in Criminal Justice, or Master of Science in Environmental Policy and Management for example.  This simply means that there is no excuse for military servicemen not to receive their desired degrees.

  1. What specific considerations should military servicemen look for?

In choosing an online educational institution, it is important to realize that not all that claim to be military friendly, actually are.  There are military online colleges that are genuinely focused on the needs of those in active duty as well as veterans.  These normally work with every candidate independently to make sure that their unique needs will be satisfied, without conflicts in their deployment, relocation, or schedules.

These military friendly online educational institutions can also deliver distinct benefits to military servicemen in the form of receiving credits for previous military training or coursework completed.  They can even institute flexible learning formats including assistance for payment of tuition and other school fees.  A valuable consideration is the possibility of having the coursework transfer together with the military servicemen regardless of their destination.

Military servicemen who are after a promotion can also benefit from accelerated programs that are made available for those with previous credits on the course.  These highlight the many benefits and considerations that members of the armed forces receive.  It also emphasizes the current reality that they no longer have to wait for their tour of duty to finish before receiving their degrees.  This gives them the necessary foundation that they can fall back on while in the military service and after.

Understanding the implications of these three important questions will allow military servicemen to not only maximize the benefits of military online colleges, but also ensure a prosperous future for their family.


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