Why You Need A Business Card?

  • February 2014
  • Posted By JohnnyG

You would think that in today’s high tech world when so many people are using the internet for shopping, networking, and using social media sites that business cards would be obsolete. While there are many businesses that have brick and mortar store fronts, more and more companies and businesses are doing a lot of this business online. They have a website, and even a social media page to promote their brand.

Even with so many using the internet, it is still a good idea to have business cards. There are a number of reasons for this. Your potential customers expect you to have a business card. Let’s take a few examples. Many people these days have their own craft businesses. They take a lot of orders online, with a website and a social media page. To increase their business. they set up a booth at a craft fair or festival. When people come up to their booth, even if they don’t buy but are interested in their products, what is the first thing they ask for? A business card of course. Let’s say you are out and about, and someone asks what you do for a living. If they are interested in finding out more information on the products or services you provide, guess what, they are going to ask for your business card.

A business card also saves you a lot of time in a number of ways. Instead of having to write down your business information, you simply had the person a card. When the person wants to look up your business, instead of having to dig around for a piece of paper, they have your card at hand. It can be hard to recognize a random piece of paper with some writing scribbled on it, a great business card can be identified immediately.

When it comes to having the right business card, there are some things to consider. Having the right business card can mean the difference between someone remembering your brand, and a card that is going to be tossed or lost quickly. You also need to make sure you logo is clear as well as your business information. Try to be creative, adding flair and style to you cards so that it will keep people’s attention. You also have to decide on the kind of business card you want. There are dozens of different types of cards, from ones with simple designs, ones with raised lettering, double sided cards, even folding cards. There are appointment cards, cards with simple graphics, and even ones with multiple colors and spectacular graphics.

A lot really depends on how much you can afford, and how many cards you are thinking about getting. If you are just starting out, getting around 250 cards is a good starting number. You will be surprised how quickly you run out of 100 or less. Most people buy at least 500, more if you are a big business, or really want to get your brand out there. Costs for good business cards can vary greatly, from around $10-$15 for 250, into the hundreds. It is important that you find a company that is reliable, one that has been around for awhile, and one that offers a guarantee on their cards. Sure they won’t be able to guarantee you will get customers from your business, but they should guarantee the cards themselves, and delivery of your product on time.

Vistaprint should be your one stop shop for all your business card needs. Even if you are just starting out, there is a Vista promo code that can be used to get discounts on your business cards, saving you even more money. You can find out more information on what types of cards they have available, and how many you can order, from their website at vistaprint.com. You can find the Vistaprint promo code at; www.vistaprintcoupons.net.


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