All You Need To Know About No Essay Scholarships

  • May 2014
  • Posted By JohnnyG

Unless you have been born and brought up with a silver spoon in your mouth, it is almost inevitable for you as a student to make it through college or even graduate school with a hefty loan to be paid off. Therefore, as most students you are tempted to step into the ever so confusing jungle of student scholarships. The easiest and safest way to apply for a scholarship is through your school, however, it is hardly the easiest way to actually acquire one.

Often, such scholarships require at least a written essay and the competition is high. Although still worth a try, chances of success may not be great. But believe it or not, there are other types of scholarships available online that do not require the sort of input work – such as an essay. These operate on a sweepstakes basis and all you have to do is apply for one.

Is this too good to be true? Well, sometimes it is. But there are plenty of sweepstakes scholarships that are legitimate. So, while you may not be required to work on an essay, you will still need to put some effort into finding such offers and determining which ones are safe to enter. You may want to acquire some more scholarship information from Grantology, before moving on.

Why Would Somebody Give Out Money for Nothing?

This is probably the first question that pops into your mind when you hear about no essay scholarships. And fair enough it sounds like a proper scam all over. However, there is a reason for companies that run online websites to offer free scholarships. Of course, these scholarships range from $100 to $500 dollars, occasionally a $1000 per sweepstake. It is not a huge amount, but enough to draw significant amount of traffic to the website. In turn, the more popular a website, the better chances it stands to host high paying advertisement. So, a company may literally give away a couple hundred bucks, but in turn will increase its PR for supporting students and takes a shot at a chance to gain more and better paying advertisement.

How Can I Tell It Is Legit?

This is definitely a legitimate question to ask. The Internet is thoroughly plagued with various creative scams. Technically, any company that advertises a sweepstakes, has to announce and reward a legitimate winner, otherwise they are liable to fraud lawsuits. On the other hand, there are not a lot of scammers, who actually care about what the law says. Still, there is little reason to worry about scams as long as you follow a few simple rules.

1. If It Sounds Too Good to Be True, It Probably Is.

Yes, companies do gain a business return on giving out sweepstakes, but they can only afford to give away so much. If the no essay scholarship claims to be giving away too much money (significantly more than other similar scholarships), it is likely not legit.

2. Unsolicited Most Likely Equals Fake

When you start googling no essay scholarships, you may start seeing a lot of unsolicited advertisement for sweepstakes scholarships popping up in your browser or getting them in your email box. While not all of them are necessarily scams, many of them are, and such should be treated with utmost care.

3. No Contact Info, No Rules and Regulations – No Go!

Every legitimate company offering scholarships will have a way for you to contact them. Look for a brick and mortar address, phone number and email. Remember, you can easily check all that information online, or just give them a call to make sure.

Also, every legitimate sweepstakes has a stringent set of rules and regulations – such as that you have to be an actual student to apply. If you are never asked in the application process to read and agree to any rules or regulations, it is a definite warning sign as well.

4. The Best Way to Tell a Scam – Sensitive Information

There are few scammers out there that go about tricking people for a joke’s sake. The point of any scam is ultimately to lure you into giving out sensitive personal or financial information that can be further used to steal money from you or sell your information for the same purpose.

Therefore, do not under any circumstances enter a no essay scholarship sweepstakes that requires you to pay an application fee, or disclose your credit card information, bank account number or social security number. In fact, if an application asks for anything more than your name, the name of your school and your contact information such as an email or phone number, you should inquire with the company as to why this information is needed.


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