Online College Education: Career Pathways

  • November 2012
  • Posted By JohnnyG

An online college education is currently one of the more affordable ways of having a rewarding career.  Many people around the world are turning to online colleges and universities to earn their valuable degrees and allow them to train for new careers in various fields.  This is something that a high school diploma or trade certification cannot assure.  According to statistics, degree holders have 98% higher salaries on the average compared to those that did not finish college.

This emphasizes the extreme value of online educational institutions as a solution for many students who have been hampered by various conditions from earning their degrees.  Having an online college education will undoubtedly bring various benefits including elimination of specific expenses commonly associated with studying, like parking fees, cost of commuting, and even child care services among others.  The good news is that the diversified online programs will allow students to choose from various career pathways to establish their future.

Career in Education

One of the most common programs that are available from online educational institutions would be education programs.  This particular endeavor helps students to earn a degree in education and prepare them for a career either in the classroom or in the field of administration.  This gives them the opportunity to teach other students and impart the knowledge they have learned.  It also provides them with a way to take advantage of advancements that will put them in supervisory or managerial positions.

As one of the most common pathways pursued after an online college education, degree holders will have the chance to work either in a traditional or online educational institution, or even both.  This will definitely give them the means to achieve financial security faster than those who do not have a degree.  Potential areas of endeavor can include:

Health Services

Another one of the career pathways available to graduates of online educational institutions would be in the area of health services.  It does not matter if you are trying to be part of the industry or already in it and seeking advancement, finishing this program will definitely make you an integral member of the public health community.  Programs in this area of expertise are specifically tailored to achieve specific goals that will result in the improvement of the delivery of health services.  The areas of practice that can be explored are in the field of:

Business Management

Those who are interested in pursuing a career in various entrepreneurial industries can make use of the online college education for management.  This will give them the chance to become part of organizations in the industry sector that is constantly seeking out creative, skilled, and strategic managers, as well as potential leaders that can bring their companies to a level of expertise and quality to help them standout against competitors. lists the median pay of business management and administration majors was nearly $60,000 per year in 2011, and that’s only for a bachelor’s degree. Master’s degree graduates can earn well over 6 figures.

By completing this online program, you will have the necessary skills that can allow you to advance your career.  You will be exposed in various facets of business and management that will be extremely useful in real world applications.  Some career choices that you can benefit from are:

  • Accounting and Finance
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Human Resource Management
  • Information Technology
  • International Business
  • Leadership
  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Project Management
  • Sustainability

Human Psychology

The area of human psychology is definitely one of the more promising career pathways that graduates can follow.  Earning your degree in this field of expertise will allow you to build a career in the area of healthcare, community agency, social services systems, or educational environment settings.  You can even choose to practice within the framework of private business organizations, which can bring substantial financial gains.

The degree program issued by online educational institutions will equip graduates not only with the functional knowledge of psychology, but to a certain extent, some facets of social service and counseling as well.  Some graduates of this degree program may also go into private practice if they choose to do so, without fear of the competition that already have an established presence in the industry.  There are also a large number of degrees open to aspiring psychologists. According to Online Psychology Schools, there are over 2 dozen psychology specialties, with each one branching off into more areas. Specific areas of expertise that can be openly explored are:

  • Clinical Psychology
  • Counseling Psychology
  • Criminal Justice
  • Crisis Management
  • Forensic Psychology
  • General Psychology
  • Health Psychology
  • Organizational Psychology
  • Social Psychology

Public Policy and Administration

There is no denying that the area of public service can present some promising advancements in career, provided that you have the right background and preparation.  The various openings and opportunities in the local, state, and national levels can be easily taken advantage of by public service professionals who possess the right amount of training and outlook to respond to the needs of the public.

The area of public policy and administration is designed to provide its graduates with the necessary skill sets to address various demands of the public sector.  With many career openings in the government sector, online training programs can prove to be the key to making a name for yourself in the area of public administration.  Some of the career pathways that are worth exploring with this degree program would be in the area of:

  • Criminal Justice
  • Paralegal Programs
  • Law and Political Science
  • Nonprofit Management and Leadership
  • Public Management and Leadership
  • Public Policy and Analysis
  • Public Safety Management

Counseling and Social Services

This is degree program should not be confused with that of human psychology.  This is considered more as a specialization into the fields of counseling and social services, instead of psychology itself.  This is the ideal online college education for those who are looking to make a significant impact in their respective community or organizations.  The training equips them with the latest approaches that will help them functional members of the organization.  Necessary skill sets will help graduates reach their goals in the areas of:

These are six potential career pathways that can be seriously considered to make your online college education more meaningful and rewarding.


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