Online College Spanish Courses: 3 Important Things To Understand

  • November 2012
  • Posted By JohnnyG

Taking online college Spanish courses is more feasible than you think.  In fact, online learning has been one of the more preferred methods enjoyed by learners at various levels.  The main reason is that aside from its simplicity, it has been proven to work, especially with the availability of multimedia resources that make the entire learning experience not only rewarding, but entertaining as well.  The learning curve is further improved with the use of interactive techniques.

The traditional way to learn Spanish courses is through accredited universities.  With the advent of distance learning and the proliferation of Internet-based technologies, there has been a shift in the way Spanish courses are taught.  Essentially, placing courses online effectively widens the scope of the target beneficiaries and makes the method of learning more accessible with a computer and an active Internet connection.  Before you venture into the world of online college Spanish courses, make sure you comprehend these three important things.

  1. The value of accreditation.

Learners should be forewarned that not all Spanish courses being offered online can be readily considered as legitimate.  The only way that a legitimate diploma can be received is to take courses from real schools that operate online.  To establish the legitimacy of these learning institutions, you need to appreciate the value of accreditation within the learning system of the online community.

An accreditation is basically done voluntarily by the educational institution.  The process undertaken validates the qualification of the online college in providing quality Spanish courses to its learners.  Usually, educational institutions that do not undergo accreditation will not be eligible for typical government programs like financial aid for example.  It may also translate to the lack of recognition not only from the government, but more importantly from employers in the industry sector.

The online college Spanish courses that have passed through accreditation maintain a specific standard and can be considered extremely trustworthy.  When looking at the value of accreditation it is important to scrutinize the organization that provided the accreditation.  Basically, the accreditation only remains valid if the issuing organization is recognized and qualified to issue it.

  1. Execution of Spanish courses online.

When it comes to learning a language, any language, not just Spanish, the process involved is normally described as participatory in nature.  This means that it usually has four important components involved in the implementation of the education.  Learning will include listening, writing, reading, and speaking.  Usually, within a traditional classroom environment, it is the role of the Spanish instructors to ensure that basic grammar and vocabulary are used to improve the pronunciation skills.

The effectiveness of Spanish courses online is equal to that achieved in traditional classroom environments.  This is one of the reasons for the increased popularity and enrollment in online college Spanish courses.  Enforcement and review of lessons can be easily done by going online or downloading the module to the local hard drive of the computer so that it can be reviewed even offline.

The experience from online courses though is quite unique because of its automated nature which allows for a conversation partner that is computer generated.  This means that the virtual partner is expected to possess a perfect mastery of the language in both its grammar and pronunciation.  In this aspect, the learning experienced in significantly improved, with the margin for error drastically reduced.  The conversation process can be done either through chat or an audio-video facility.

It is critical to ensure that before you enroll in any Spanish course provided online that you become aware of all the features available for the distance learning method.  Keep in mind that Internet-based technology has many functional features that can help make learning easier and more enjoyable.  Communication facilities like Instant Messenger, electronic mail, and web messenger will allow learners to maintain constant communication with instructors from the comfort of their homes.

  1. Undergraduate degree programs for online Spanish courses.

It is normal for colleges and universities to offer various types of undergraduate degree programs like certificate, associate, and bachelor’s among others.  These undergraduate Spanish courses will be useful for learners in incorporating the different aspects of educational technologies that are based on different formats like interactive tools and message boards among others.

One of the important advantages that have to be considered with online college Spanish courses is that the technical requirements are severely minimal.  As long as you have a computer system and an active Internet connection like a Wi-Fi hotspot, you will be able to take advantage of the feature sets of the Spanish courses.  This means that you will be able to complete the undergraduate degree programs regardless of your physical location.

More importantly, the world of Internet-based technology is expanding very fast.  This means that new online teaching methods are being conceived with regularity like in the case of demonstrating oral proficiency through the use of online streaming features that require the connection of a web or digital camera to your computer system.  With more advances in technology, more opportunities for learning will be developed.

The main focus in undergraduate Spanish courses given online is linguistics, culture, and literature.  In some instances, there can be considerable discussion in the field of Latin American and contemporary Spanish cultures.  Some of the courses that can be taken up are:

  • History of Spain
  • Intercultural Communication
  • Latin American Civilization and Culture
  • Sociology of Spanish Speaking Countries
  • Spanish Composition
  • Spanish Conversation
  • Spanish Literature
  • Spanish Phonetics

These are the three important things that should come under consideration when deciding to take on online college Spanish courses.


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