Why People Are Getting Their MBA Online

  • January 2014
  • Posted By JohnnyG

Why are people getting an online MBA? Let’s start with what kinds of courses are available. Today more and more MBA courses are available online, from accounting, to business management, sciences, and even in the health care industry. You can get an MBA in art, IT and the media arts. Another reason is that many online colleges are accredited, meaning that the credits and degree you earn online can be used in the real world. It used to be that many online college credits and degrees weren’t worth the paper they were printed on, and not recognized when seeking a career. This made many people were extremely frustrated spending all that time and money for nothing.

Speaking of time and money, with getting your online MBA has been much easier than ever before. In many cases online colleges are cheaper than a regular college. Tuition is lower, supplies are cheaper, and many of your books and study material are Ebooks. You don’t have to spend extra money on supplies, and many colleges are offering different incentives, like scholarships, free laptops, as well as many others. Just like a regular college, you can still get grants and student loans.

Online schools are also cheaper in other ways. It used to be when you wanted to get a degree in a certain subject, the college available was many miles away. You either had to commute back and forth every day or live on or near campus. Getting your online degree means no commuting, or spending extra money on housing and food. You simply go online from wherever you are, at home, work, or when you are out and about. You can take your classes wherever there is an internet connection. In addition, you don’t have to go through any changes in order to get your degree. If you are working, or taking care of a family, you can do this that still go to school. You can log in after work, during your break, after the kids go to bed, or in the morning. Since many of these classes stream directly to your computer, you can record them for later viewing. You never have to put your life on hold in order to get your MBA.

You also have just as much access to teachers as you would going to a regular class. With webcasting the teacher is teaching and lecturing via the internet, and if you are attending a ‘live’ class you can interact with them just like you would if you were in the classroom. You can also email them directly if you have a question or problem, they usually get back to you before the day is out. All your coursework can be submitted directly to the teacher or the school, and get your scores by the end of the week.

It is important that you really shop around when it comes to getting your online MBA. You need to look at each school you may be interested before enrolling, looking for what courses are offered, to make sure they offer MBA’s in the field you are looking to get. You also need to consider what their tuition costs are, and what kinds of incentives they offer.

If you are looking for a good, accredited college to get your MBA, you can first start with Excel College. They offer different MBA courses, applied business sciences, arts and graphics, even technology. Some of the courses they are working on are business sciences, and business administration. This is one of the few colleges that are completely online. This means that the classes are online, the textbooks are online, as well as other content and assessments. You can access these classes from home, the library, anywhere you have a computer and internet access.


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