Does Self Defense Make Sense?

  • May 2014
  • Posted By JohnnyG

Have you ever wondered if you are prepared maybe you can prevent robbery and burglary? While there are some cases where you could prevent the robbery or burglary in this case, it does also have some associated risks. For example, there is the question about whether or not the criminal has a firearm or knife you might not be aware of and that could potentially lead to a situation escalating when it could likely have been avoided in general by installing quality alarm systems Houston has to offer, in an effort to add security measures to the exterior of your home.

Considering that self-defense doesn’t necessarily equate to personal protection. Many programs that are designed to help people have tools that they can utilize to increase their chances of safety and survival often will recommend an outcome. This often entails a person analyzing a situation and doing the smarter choice, rather than being a hero in a situation that could get someone killed. However, there is a sense of empowerment that is associated with this. That can leave a person feeling more confident about the decisions that they make to protect themselves and others in a situation.

That does mean that if you are prepared maybe you can prevent robbery and burglary from happening on a small scale. If there is no weapon or method of attack, changing the control in the situation could potentially help you. There are confrontation skills and techniques that can be used to help resist and prevent a violent attack from becoming fatal for you and your loved ones. At the same time, there are simple self-defense techniques that can be used to watch your surroundings and to avoid dangerous settings that will increase your overall risk of being a victim outside of the home.

You also need to pay attention to what your instructors have to say. Just like armed alarm systems Houston has can help to reduce the risk of a person breaking in, being trained in self-defense can help you to reduce the risks associated with a situation. However, the training you have is not designed to make you fully combative. Instead, those who go through these trainings will have a chance to make moves based on scenario experience and to be prepared to protect themselves. While it does improve the choices you have to make and some scenarios you can try to play out, it doesn’t instantly mean that there is any kind of guarantee that comes with the situation.

Another factor that will impact the results you have is the amount of time invested in the program. If you attend a course that lasts a couple of hours, you likely will not receive the same benefit as those who participated in an eight week intensive course that covers a number of different factors in self-defense training.

Finally, what you learn in these courses needs to be practiced and restudied on a routine basis. You need to ensure that you don’t keep putting things off until you need them. Doing so makes response times slower and can lead to miscalculated steps and that could cost you. Instead, take the time to practice the scenarios once a week and keep them fresh in your mind. When you end up needing them the most, it will be reassuring for you to know that you have just gone through the steps as little as a week prior to the robbery happening.


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