How Things We Take for Granted Are Made

  • February 2014
  • Posted By JohnnyG

These days we take many things for granted. Each day we use our toothbrush, disposable razor, we may drink coffee out of our favorite plastic mug, and read the newspaper. All of these things we take for granted, because they are common tools we use on a daily basis. We may never know or care how these products are made.

One thing is for sure, many of us are concerned about the environment. We may take pride in recycling, our cans, bottles, and plastic containers. Many are adamant about it, and it doesn’t matter whether they get paid for their items or not. Many people know that recycling is important, because it reduces landfill waste, and products made from recycled materials are much cheaper to make, safer, and help reduce our use of natural resources. However many don’t know where these recycled products are being used, even though they may be using them every day.

What happens to all that recycled plastic? Once a certain amount of plastic products are collected, they are sent to a processing plant. Hard plastic products are broken up, and the ‘impurities’ removed, brushes, razor blades, even the paper wrappings. These are sent elsewhere for processing. Then the plastic is melted down into liquid form, filtered more, then solidified, and send to companies where it is used in the manufacturing of other products.

Let’s start with things we take for granted and use every day. As mentioned above, they can be your disposable razor, and your toothbrush, but there are many other plastic products that are made pretty much the same way. These products are manufactured by injection molding machines. These large machines may have hundreds, even thousands of individual molds. l Liquid plastic is then forced into the mold, cooled, and ejected into bins for further processing. Depending on the product, the liquid plastic may have a color dye added to it before being injected into the mold. Whatever product was produced is then send out to other companies, maybe a company that finished attaching razor blades, or installing filaments for toothbrushes, even companies that make coffee makers, etc.

Another thing we take for granted every day is our newspapers. There are millions of newspapers and magazines being printed every day. Imagine how many trees would be wasted if it weren’t for recycling? Old publications that are no longer being used are also sent to paper processing plants, where they are shredded into small particles, then boiled down to pulp. This then is bleached white, and remade into paper, dried and put on large rollers. These giant rolls of recycled paper can weigh hundreds, even thousands of pounds. They are then sent out to newspaper and magazine companies to be printed again. Some of the paper is also turned into copy paper, picture quality paper, and other related products.

This is of course is the short version of how newspaper made from recycled paper is created, as well as what injection molding machines are used for. If you are someone who is concerned about the environment, it is important to buy products made from recycled materials. If you are looking to buy products like toothbrushes, razors, etc, then you can simply check the packaging for the recycled products symbol. You can also contact your favorite newspaper or magazine and ask how much of these products are made from recycled paper.

One way you can help save paper is by purchasing online versions of your favorite publications. You can also learn more about how products are recycled, what they are all used for, and how the process is done online from several resources. So the next time you are brushing your teeth, shaving, or using products we normally take for granted, take a moment to consider how many of these items are recycled.


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