Things to Know About Hiring a Tuition Agency

  • March 2013
  • Posted By JohnnyG

In Singapore, a tuition agency is a business organization specializing in the introduction of qualified tutors to students who require assistance in their academic studies. Think of the agency as the go-between or bridge connecting the beleaguered students with their specialist tutors and you get the point.

The Introductory Stage

The clients, most of whom are parents of the interested students, must first register with the agency like Xpress Tuition ( to avail of its services. The agency then sends a list of names of the tutors to the pre-registered clients who, in turn, will contact the professionals to ascertain their availability. The clients and the tutors will then come to contractual arrangements on their own, said agreement of which will include the specific time for the tutorial session, the number of hours, and the subjects covered.

It can also be the other way around. The tutors of the tuition agency are provided with a list of the pre-registered clients whom they are also encouraged to contact first. The contractual arrangements can then be made in the same way as when the clients first communicated with the tutors.

The forms of communication between the tutors and the clients will vary depending on the personal preferences and the geographical location of both parties. Examples include phone calls, e-mails and live chats.

In many instances, clients and tutors establish a continuing professional relationship with the tuition agency like Xpress Tuition ( as the common platform. This is true when the students being tutored are, indeed, thriving under the guidance of the qualified tutors as evidenced by better academic performance, higher IQ scores and even greater self-confidence in school curricular and extracurricular activities. For example, the student becomes more involved in class recitation while garnering higher grades on his exams.

The Actual Sessions

The tuition agency usually provides for two main options in terms of the locations of the actual tutoring sessions, namely:

• Home tuition classes happen obviously inside the student’s home. Many clients prefer this option because of the one-on-one attention provided to the student as well as the ability to the student to focus on the subjects at hand with little of the distractions present in a class. Students and their parents also prefer home tuition because of the convenience (i.e., no travelling time involved) but it must be noted that this option is more expensive than classroom-based tuition.

• Tuition centre tuition usually happens after classes have finished. The students travel from their schools to the tuition center where the tutorial classes are held with the student-tutor ratio ranging from 4:1 to 20:1 similar to normal classes. The tuition agency usually sets a limit on the classroom-based tuition but it may also be a special arrangement with the clients.

In both cases, nonetheless, the tuition classes involve activities similar to classroom teaching. Written and oral examinations are conducted with the students encouraged to ask questions from their teachers especially on matters that escape their comprehension.

The main goal: To identify the students’ weaknesses in academics and then strengthen their knowledge and skills in these areas while also continuing to reinforce their strengths. The result: Students with higher scores and grades as well as a greater sense of self-confidence in their academic abilities. The tuition agency, indeed, has important roles to play in the students’ academic life, in the tutors’ passion for teaching and need to earn, and in the nation’s welfare via a well-educated citizenry.

But for these benefits to be enjoyed by students and their parents, the importance of choosing the right tuition agencycannot be overemphasized. The best solution: Always partner with the most reliable agency with comprehensive experience in the industry, which will require careful research on your part. If you find this blog entry useful and would you like to learn more regarding this agency visit


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