Tips and Ideas for the Organization of Outdoor College Parties

  • April 2013
  • Posted By JohnnyG

Outdoor college parties, whether official or more casual, demand a few planning steps in order to be successful. The right decorations, catering, music installation and atmosphere will all be essential for a successful event.

Are you about to organize a special outdoor college party? The following tips and ideas will help you create a truly memorable atmosphere.

Start Planning Early Enough
You will have many aspects of the celebration to think about. The theme and the location are probably the two most important items to consider. They are necessary for the planning of all other aspects of the outdoor college party. Determine a preliminary budget, as well.

Once you decide what kind of party will be taking place, you can think about decorations, entertainment, the rental of chairs and tables, the catering and the music. If you plan to have custom logo printed canopy that holds the college symbol, you will have to place the order in advance, as well.

A party for many people will be more challenging in terms of planning. Start at least a month or two in advance, so that you have enough time to think about all the details.

Decorations and Entertainment
You can always start by creating a custom logo printed canopy tent. Apart from personalizing the party, it will also provide the perfect shelter in the case of rain. Having a backup plan for an outdoor college party is always a great idea.

Coordinate the colors and the materials for the decorative elements. You can have balloons with the college’s emblem, table centerpieces made of flowers or banners. Just do proper coordination between all of these elements. You want to achieve consistency and you need them all to look stylish.

In terms of music, think about the specifics of the event and the types of guests that will be attending. A youthful gathering will demand contemporary music, probably even a dance floor. Otherwise, choose soft music that will provide the background for the party.

Think about the best music installation and hire a DJ. You need a professional to be responsible for the music. Otherwise, the results you achieve might be too amateurish.

Food and Drinks
Catering is another very important element for a successful college party that is held outdoor.

If you lack a sufficient number of chairs, tables, tablecloths and utensils, you will have to find a catering company that will let you rent the necessary equipment.

Plan to have sufficient amounts of food. Too little will make the guests feel strange and a lot of leftover food will simply result in the waste of money. Choose a menu that is theme-appropriate and seasonal. The same applies to the availability of drinks. Offer a good selection of alcoholic beverages and alcohol-free options.

It is up to you to decide whether to hire staff that will be serving the food or to have buffet-style tables. Both of these options have their advantages and you should choose in accordance to the theme. A really formal event will probably demand service at the table. Having guests waiting in line at the buffet table will be inappropriate in such instances.

Outdoor college parties can be truly spectacular, whether the event is academic or more casual. Always start planning the party early enough. Determine your budget and think about the equipment and the materials you will need. Good venue, decorations, food and music will always result in a wonderful event that people will remember for a long time.


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