Tips for Eating Healthy in College

  • March 2014
  • Posted By JohnnyG

College life can be a little crazy. You are often shuffling a full school load, plus trying to earn a living, and trying to squeeze studying even a social life in between. Many people may say that what got them through their college days was Coca Cola and Doritos, lots and lots of coffee, or a bunch of energy drinks. Many of those going to college eat on the run, eating from vending machines, and ordering pizza during those cram sessions.

Unfortunately, you can’t claim that pizza is a balanced diet. Energy drinks, coffee, cola, or chips are not good for you on a regular basis, nor should they become a meal replacement. It’s bad enough that many college students don’t get the sleep they need at night without compounding the effect of sleep deprivation with poor diet. Luckily, even if you are on the go a lot, you can still try to get some sort of balance in the foods you eat.

First of all, it is important to understand that you aren’t perfect, so you don’t need to try to avoid greasy, fatty foods entirely. People who try to cut out that hamburger or soda tend to crave them after awhile, and binge eat what they are craving. It is important to understand that if you can try to go through the main part of the week eating right, it’s okay if you are out with friends or find yourself in a hurry and need that hamburger. The idea is that you should be trying to eat healthy as much as you can, and fit this is around your busy schedule.

People that have their own place should consider chicken when cooking. It is relatively cheap to buy, easy and versatile to cook, and healthy for you. Combine this with some frozen stir fry vegetables and you have a great, healthy, Asian style dinner. Chicken is also great because it can be cooked so many ways. You can fry it of course but it can also be baked, broiled, and even put on the grill. Pork is also a good lean meat, and can be a change from chicken. But you can also make juice in your college room everyday.

College lifestyle has several cons. Many college students eat on the run, snacking on foods that aren’t really that good for them. Again, you don’t have to go overboard, you just need to switch to healthier snacks. Bring granola bars with you, they are easy to pack into a bag or backpack. Grab a piece of fruit or a healthy muffin from the snack bar rather than that doughnut. At lunch, replace those fries with a fresh salad two or three times a week.

Breakfast is probably the one meal that many students skip, and this isn’t good. Leaving your home without a good breakfast leaves you hungry all day, and you may end up eating foods that are not good for you during the day because you skipped this meal. One food that is easy to cook and is great for breakfast is eggs. They are chock full of essential vitamins and minerals, as well as the protein you need to get your day started right. Add a little cheese to your scrambled eggs, and you get your calcium. Put them on a toasted english muffin and you have a great breakfast sandwich, and one that is much healthier than you could buy at that fast food restaurant.

Speaking of vitamins, one of the most important ones you need, especially when going to school is vitamin C. This vitamin helps keep up your immune system, and can prevent you from getting colds and the flu, which is often more prevalent in the college setting. A supplement you can buy to help you maintain your immune system is Clarity Vitamin C Serum, available at Amazon for around forty dollars. One drop on your tongue or in your favorite drink can provide you daily dose of needed citric acid.


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