Tips and Ideas for More Efficient Warehouse Management

  • January 2014
  • Posted By JohnnyG

Increasing the efficiency of warehouse operations is mandatory for all businesses. Warehouse management is a complex field that involves much more than having products rolling out on time. Some basic principles and practices can be internalized to bring up warehouse productivity and to make management much more efficient.

Keep the Warehouse Neat and Cleanly Organized
Organization and neatness are the two prerequisites for efficient warehouse management. If you have to deal with inventory chaos each time, you will be losing a lot of time and money.

Once the inventory is organized, you will need to clean the warehouse and to make sure that it is kept neat. Oil or water spills, wraps and cardboard on the pathways can cause dangerous injuries. Your employees should have a good idea about the organization requirements, maintaining the warehouse in perfect order. Safety training is going to also be beneficial.

Having the necessary equipment inside the warehouse is going to facilitate inventory organization. A warehouse ladder is a necessity for every business. There are many warehouse ladder models and varieties to pick among, depending on the size of the warehouse itself and the types of products you have to deal with.

How to Stock Inventory
Dividing the warehouse in zones and using these to get a better idea about inventory will make procedures much easier to follow and complete on time.

Come up with your product slotting strategy to decrease the amount of time that employees need to process orders. Understand what customers are mostly looking for and make these products readily available. Having a range of warehouse ladder models is also going to be a great idea for organizing inventory and making the best sellers easily accessible.

Picking methodology is the next concept you will have to think about. Each methodology is suitable for a particular type of business. It is up to you to decide whether to have single-order picking, batch picking or product zoning.

Analyze Data
Your picking methodology and inventory organization are likely to change as time passes. There are products that will be in high demand during a particular season. Soon, the needs of your customers will change.

To make warehouse management more efficient, you will have to analyze purchasing data several times per year. Basing inventory decisions on the analytics will decrease the amount of time that employees spend in the warehouse, picking items and getting those ready for shipping.

Manual data gathering or relying on real-time data – it all depends on your management strategy and on the type of technology you can buy for your warehouse. All systems can be efficient, as long as they are used accurately.

Automation: Do You Really Need It?
Some type of automation will be necessary, especially if you have a large warehouse. Relying on manual labor does not make sense because it will require a lot of time and it can possibly decrease the quality of service you are offering.

Automation today is more affordable than it used to be in the past. Just pick the solution that makes sense – a robotic palletizer, automatic picking or packing – it is up to you. Automation for the sake of having it there will add very little to the efficiency of warehouse management so take your time to compare and research.

Good warehouse management and boosting efficiency can be inexpensive. Start by working on inventory organization and choosing the best picking system. These are the basics of getting started. Hi-tech solution can come at a later point, once your business grows and such solutions start making financial sense.


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