Tips for Starting a Career in the Healthcare Industry

  • February 2014
  • Posted By JohnnyG

If you like to help people and you have a particular interest in medicine, pursuing a career in the healthcare industry could be the right opportunity for you. Though these jobs are challenging both physically and emotionally, there are numerous advantages connected to being a healthcare professional.

The process of building your career should start with exploring the possibilities, picking the one that is right for you and understanding what the education and certification requirements are.

Most Popular Healthcare Careers
According to Forbes magazine, some of the best healthcare jobs for 2014 include being a biomedical engineer, a dental hygienist, an occupational therapist, an optometrist, a chiropractor, a pharmacist and a physician assistant.

The report states that many industries have been hit by the financial crisis and the recovery is still slow. The healthcare sector, on the other hand, is expanding all the time. Aging population and increasing need for healthcare services have boosted the demand for qualified professionals in the niche.

There is a lot of healthcare jobs available online. Some basic research will reveal how many lucrative possibilities there are. Each of these healthcare jobs is interesting but it poses specific challenges and it demands the right type of education and/or professional experience.

Salaries and Benefits
Statistics show that by 2020, there will be at least 5.7 million new jobs in the medical industry. For example, a biomedical engineer currently has an annual median salary of 87,000 dollars, the demand for such professionals is on the rise and the projected job growth is expected to reach 62 percent.

A dental hygienist makes 79,000 dollars and the projected growth is 38 percent. Occupational therapists follow with 75,000 dollar annual median salary and expected growth of 33 percent. Optometrists make 98,000 dollars and there will be a 33 percent increase in the demand for such professionals.

The physical therapist makes 80,000 dollars per year and a chiropractor will earn 66,000 dollars. A pharmacist earns 117,000 dollars per year and the projected job growth is 25 percent. For a physician assistant, the annual salary is 91,000 dollars and the expected job growth is 30 percent.

Education Requirements and Getting Started
To get started, you will need to choose the right kind of professional training. Many people choose CNA training as a way to enter the medical field and to figure out whether it is right for them. Certified nursing assistants have a demanding but highly interesting job. Once the CNA training is completed, there will be possibilities for continued education and finding an even better job in the medical field.

Preparing for a career in medicine will demand serious studying. The subject matter of such courses is challenging. There will be many sleepless nights, heavy exams and practical training. All of these skills will be essential for starting a career in the medical industry.

Finding the right school or courses is very important. Not all training possibilities are created equal. Look for programs provided by reputable institutions and universities. When it comes to CNA training, for example, the Red Cross is one of the organizations that set the standards in the niche.

After you complete the training, you may decide to pursue specialization. Becoming a niche medical expert will give you access to better paid job opportunities and more intriguing professional challenges. The process could be long and demanding but it will result in a bigger number of available professional growth opportunities. Take your time, choose the right professional path and understand all of the involved steps. Being prepared will make the process of pursuing your goal easier.


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