TouchCast Releases WordPress Plugin

  • February 2014
  • Posted By JohnnyG

With the TouchCast WordPress Plugin, you have the chance to embed a video into any of the posts on your personal or business blog. This can be any of the fully interactive videos that TouchCast has to offer and all you need is the URL of the video to take your blog post to the next level.

This added depth to your blog posts can allow you to expand on an idea or thought, while giving your readers additional resources that can give them a better understanding of a topic. That makes this powerful tool as important as many of the other plugins on your website and it shouldn’t be overlooked.

Once you have installed the plugin on your blog, you will notice there is a new toolbar when you are editing posts. With it, you will have the chance to adjust some of the specifications to ensure that the video, in addition to the short code that is added, will function properly when a person accesses the page on your blog. This means you can create and embed videos in moments and there won’t be a lot of complicated steps to remember when using it.

As soon as the video is there, you can then choose if you want the AutoPlay option to be toggled off or on. When it is on, visitors will have their video loaded from the moment they open up your post. This can be useful in some cases. It will be important that you consider your reasoning for using this feature as there can be a mixed reaction to having a video loading instantly.

If there is a particular channel you are showcasing and you want your visitors to have a viewing experience that continues from one to the next, you may want to consider the auto forward option. This can keep a visitor on your website for a period of time and let them gain quite of a bit of valuable information from the TouchCast channel that you are showcasing on your website. As with the AutoPlay option, this too can be toggled on or off, depending on your preference.

With all of this, you will have the chance to create a fully editable TouchCast video into a post. Keep in mind that you will want to adjust the height and width of these to ensure that they are going to work with the general layout of your blog. As you get more experienced with using the TouchCast WordPress Plugin you can begin to use the shortcode to help you to quickly insert the videos into any post, without having to go through the step by step process. For those who are looking to save some time in the long run, this information can be valuable. Of course, for those who prefer to go through the steps to ensure accuracy, the user friendly interface will ensure you are successful with each of the posts you do.

There is no denying that the TouchCast WordPress Plugin will be a tool that will become incredibly popular in the coming months. Thanks to it being user friendly and the fact that it can enhance the overall experience your readers have, you will want to take the first steps and incorporate this into your WordPress blog today.


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