Why Traveloka Contributes to Education World Through an Internship Program? – Real Life Example

  • February 2014
  • Posted By JohnnyG

Traveloka is a technology company which focuses on online travel business in Indonesia. Recently, it is one of the most popular flight booking services in the country. Based on Comscore that analyzes all e-commerce companies throughout the world, Traveloka deserves to earn a title as no. 1 flight booking service in Indonesia. Their major area of expertise includes the sales of flight tickets for local major airlines in Indonesia and also several routes in the Asian and Australian regions, helping many people in these continents to fulfill their needs.

If you try booking your flight ticket from Traveloka, you will not be surprised with the company’s superior rating. Traveloka guides you through the booking process in an easy-to-navigate webpage and most of your purchases could be done in just 4 simple steps. Furthermore, an advanced algorithm provides customers with the best deals as well as matches them with their specific and unique requirements.

To share some of their business success, Traveloka decides to always give back to the community by providing an internship program for college and university students majoring in IT or Business. The Traveloka team believes that a well-managed internship program creates a dual incentive, both for the company and the students as well.

Bringing young people into a company means bringing new ideas and enthusiasm to the table. It also helps the company in creating a large pool of possible future employees who will be well-trained, skilled and grounded in the company’s protocols. On the other hand and aside from the actual compensation for the contribution to the company, there are also many ways in which students themselves benefit from the internship. The benefits are:

1. Earning College Credit
Many majors especially business require their students to complete a certain amount of internship hours in order to graduate successfully.

2. Self-reflection
Many students think they will be good at or that they will like the career related to their study. However, in reality, they often find out that a certain occupation or profession isn’t really the best match for their aptitudes and likes or dislikes. Having an internship early in the college years may help shaping the future course or concentration choices students will make during their study years.

3. Boosting a resume
Employers everywhere are prefer employees with relevant and substantial experience in the real-world business. While good grades and classroom theory also count, there is nothing that compares to a great recommendation letter from a well-known business leader in the country.

4. Gaining Experience
There is book-smart, and there is street-smart. In other words, just because somebody masters a theory in a classroom setting and aces all of their exams, doesn’t necessarily guarantee they won’t be a bust in the real-world. Having hands-on experience from the company’s daily operations does not only teaches students the ins and outs of running a real business, it also helps them understand the theoretical concepts better. While good students may make good interns, good interns always make great students.

5. Possibility of Immediate Employment
Last but not least, an internship is an excellent opportunity to land a great job right off of college. Sometimes, successful interns are offered long-term job immediately after or even during the internship itself. Others use the business networking opportunities of an internship to develop new contacts and get a job from a related business. And sometimes, interns gain enough networks and experience to start a business of their own.

From all of these benefits, students will be more motivated and realize that they need to set their goals and prepare all requirements needed for the future. On the other hand, Traveloka tries to contribute to the education world by offering an internship program regularly. Traveloka believes that it will be a strong bridge for any students to improve their skills and mindsets in order to cross to the real world.


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