Turn Your Home Into a Lovely Space

  • January 2014
  • Posted By JohnnyG

Every home, no matter how humble it may be, is a place where you and your family can rest and relax – truly, a haven away from the hustle and bustle of life outside. Your ability to adopt many, perhaps most, of the design and improvement ideas discussed in the following sections can make your beloved home into a lovely home!

Cohesion Is the Key

Cohesion is a critical aspect of interior design for good reasons. You want to achieve a sense of seamless harmony from one room to the next instead of a disjointed vibe between adjoining rooms, say, from a baroque living room to an ultra-modern kitchen.

• Maintain a single palette among adjoining rooms especially when these have little to no dividing doors (i.e., the living room flows into the kitchen-cum-dining room). For example, you can choose light yellow for the living room and lemon yellow for the kitchen/dining area.

• Draw inspiration from the overall design of the house or of the main room. For example, if your home has an open and airy layout, then the fixture and furnishings should complement it.

• Paint a room with slight tonal variation to maintain cohesion while avoiding a boring vibe. Use golden yellow, pale yellow and cream or combine forest green, sage, and apple green in one room.

Your main goal is to ensure a smooth-flowing vibe that truly relaxes the mind and body.

Texture Is a Must

Texture refers to the surface feel of the furniture, fixtures and furnishings of an area – the contrasts between soft and hard as well as smooth and rough are the best examples. Playing with it means adding interest to the room’s character because both the hands and the eyes have contrasts to enjoy.

The key here is to add interest to the room by either contrasting textures or repeating textures throughout the space – truly, a staple in design and improvement ideas. For example, while the throw pillows have smooth surfaces, the shag carpets on the floor have raised fibers in the first case while a good example of the second case will be placing velvet drapes in the formal dining room and then velvet-upholstered chairs in the library.

It’s not just surface texture that you can play with either. Think of the following styles:

• Use similar patterns. The floor’s checkerboard pattern can be repeated on the kitchen tiles or the dining room chair’s upholstery.

• Tie several spaces with architectural elements. For example, use crown moldings in the living room and wainscoting in the bedroom.

Combine Form and Function

Be sure to combine form (i.e., style) and function (i.e., efficiency in space) in each area. Keep in mind that each space should not only be a reflection of your personality but should also be livable for others including your family and friends who come over for visits and parties.

An air-conditioning unit, for example, should not only provide for cooler air on hot and humid days especially in places like  Miami but can also be part of the room’s decor. You will want to place a pot of tall plant in its front or frame it with a short curtain, thus, combining form and function.

Most important, be sure that the unit is well-maintained. Ask for the professional expertise of AC Repair Miami in case of repairs, replacements and other maintenance procedures. Keep in mind that a well-maintained air-con unit will provide for cooler and cleaner air for you and your family 24/7 if you want so keep the contact number of the best professional in Air Conditioning Repair Miami on hand.

When combining form and function, you may have to choose one over the other. Experts suggest choosing function over form because your comfort at home is paramount over your reputation outside. Besides, there are so many ways to make even the most practical item, say, an air-conditioning unit stylish!

In the end, making your home into a lovely space is about experimentation with colors, textures and vibe, among other factors. Just continue reading resources on interior decoration, taking inspiration from other homes, and playing with decorative elements until you have it down pat.


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