How To Use Facebook to Promote Your Business

  • February 2014
  • Posted By JohnnyG

Many people who have a business website often feel that because they are doing good, they don’t need more exposure. They may be getting clients by word of mouth, or through extensive marketing campaigns like search engine optimization, and may be satisfied. The problem is that they are missing out on millions of potential clients, and income through exposure on social media websites. There are many different social media websites, but this article is about one of them, Facebook. While there may have been a few sites that were in existence before Facebook, this site laid the groundwork for many of the sites now on the internet. Some of these include Pinterest, Twitter, and LinkedIn, just to name a few.

Being one of the first social media sites out there, just how many people are using Facebook? According to Social Media Today, 67% of adults online are using Facebook. They are using it to keep in touch with family, friends, exchange ideas, like pages, even offer comments or criticism of brands. The only way you are going to cash in and get your brand on Facebook is to get on it. This will give you access to even more people, and potential clients.

So how do you use Facebook to promote your business? Just like getting on the internet with a website, you have to create a page. You can do it for free, they have many templates. However, just like with setting up a website, doing it on your own is not always a good idea. Sure it’s probably going to be easier than setting up a website, but if you want to get your business out there on Facebook, you really need to have a page that stands out above the competition. If you have a website hosting service, one that you used to create and set up your site, you can ask them to help you with your facebook page. A good service will do a social media audit, which evaluates your competition, and comes up with a strategy to make you stand out above them.

It isn’t just about setting up a Facebook page either. It has to be a great page. You have to adjust your profile regularly. It is not enough to have pictures of your products or services, you should also have links to Youtube videos, showing how to use the product, or showing how great they work. These videos have to be well put together. It has to show your product or service clearly, and be under two minutes. In addition, you should also include paid solutions like sponsored story pages, using SEO words to help draw people to your page. This draws more people, and gets them ‘liking’ your page.

There is another important factor to having a great Facebook page, this is likes. When someone comes to your page, or see it in the advertising side of their landing page, they can click to like it. Just like with SEO rankings, the more likes you have on a page, the higher your Facebook rankings are going to be. At first you may not have that many likes, so your rankings are going to be low. It’s okay, this probably happened when you first got online with your website.

There are also ways you can boost your Facebook rankings. You can buy Facebook likes to improve your rankings. There are many online companies offering to sell you likes, so you have to be careful to buy from the right one. You need a company that is going to set your page up with hundreds, even thousands of likes. They should also provide them in the shortest period of time, in a few days, not weeks. A good company is going to offer a money back guarantee, as well as a cost that will fit your budget.


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