Ways to Win a Girl’s Heart

  • June 2014
  • Posted By JohnnyG

Chances are you know the basics on how to win a girl’s heart. While you do need to be nice with girls and use diuretic supplements to get rid of a few pounds to have the look, there are more than these basics to win her heart.

It all begins with a simple conversation talking about her and getting to know her. Talk about interests and try to find a common interest you can build on. If you are sincere and honest and don’t approach her with an outlandish pick up line, you have a better chance of winning her heart, than with a player’s approach.

You also need to ensure you are a gentleman with her. This is where that concept that one should be nice with girls comes into play. She doesn’t need to be treated like a queen. But you need to treat her with all the love and respect you can. She isn’t a doormat and you shouldn’t smother her. Instead, find a way to show her your appreciation without getting too clingy. You’ll end up winning her heart and she will find you refreshing compared to other guys.

Going against the norm can also help things to work out. While dinner and a movie are nice, they don’t showcase the full scope of the relationship. Instead, consider doing something out of the box and finding something that you both will enjoy. Take a hike together and pack a picnic. Or go down to the beach and go scuba diving and experience new depths. There are an endless number of possibilities when you think about something you both would love.

When you speak about her to others, be positive. As you talk to her directly, also pay compliments. You don’t need to spend every waking hour gushing over her. But incorporate the occasional positive thought in her day. It will help her to feel good about herself and she will be looking at you in a whole new light.

You should also ensure that you are being protective of her at all times. This doesn’t mean that you should throw punches when someone looks at her the wrong way. But walk her from the car at night to her door. Ensure that you don’t leave her in an uncomfortable situation, instead give her some peace of mind and allow her to feel like you will always be there for her.

Perhaps most important is to actually listen to her and care enough about her needs to incorporate them into your plans. If she is a vegetarian, ensure restaurants have more options than a garden salad for her to choose from. If she loves a particular opera, surprise her by taking her to see a production. This is going to help her know that you are genuinely interested in her and that will allow you to take your relationship to new romantic depths.

With a little effort on your part, you will be able to win the girl’s heart and there will be nothing more rewarding than that. Remember, you don’t have to be superman, but you do need to make sure that you are someone she can count on. Above all, make sure that you remain true to who you are at all times. Even if you are the biggest dork on the dance floor, the honesty will be something she appreciates more than the deception that comes from trying to be someone else just to impress her.


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