Why Riding a Bike is a Great Idea

  • December 2013
  • Posted By JohnnyG

There are many reasons why riding a bike is a great idea. One is that if you only live a short distance from work, shopping, etc., riding a bike can save you a lot of money not having to pay for gas. Depending on how far away, you could also save a lot of time, since it can be time consuming and frustrating to have to wait and sit in traffic trying to get to work or other destinations. In addition to saving on gas, riding a bike can also help save the environment. A bike doesn’t produce any carbon dioxide and other harmful fumes, so you cut down on general pollution. While there are still going to be others using vehicles and such, at least you can feel good that you are doing your part to help the planet.

These days a lot of people are trying to lose weight and get into shape. The biggest problem is that they may have difficulty with regular exercise, or going to the gym, buying home equipment, etc. Most nutritionists and medical professionals recommend that the best kind of exercise is the kind that incorporates a cardiovascular workout. This means that you are working a variety of different muscles at the same time, as well as getting your heart pumping. They also suggest that for a good workout you need some sort of endurance and strength training. Well what better way to do this than to ride a bike? Riding a bike gets your heart beat rising, works on a variety of different types of muscles, and builds both your strength as well as endurance.

One of the nicest things about using a bike for exercise is that it doesn’t really ‘feel’ like exercising. You are out and about, and you can ride a bike in a variety of different settings, so you never have the exact same experience. If you have a certain route you follow during commute and you start getting bored, you can simply take different streets to get to your destination. You can be a casual rider, going around city streets or using bike trails at your local park. You can get in a more intense workout on your bike ride by going off road, in the foothills and mountains in your area.

There are things to think about when picking the right bike for you. You want a bike that is going to fit your body style, and is fully adjustable in the seat and handlebars. When you are standing with your bike, you should have at least two inches between your crotch area and the middle crossbar for guys. You also want a bike that has easy to use brake and gear shift controls, with as little mechanical parts as possible. This way your bike is going to be easier to maintain overall. Another thing to consider is where you are going to be riding. This is really important, because a mountain style bike is much sturdier and has better off road traction than a regular street bike. While you can certainly use a mountain bike on city streets, a street bike isn’t really made for a lot of off road conditions. Another thing to think about is speed. While the more speeds you have on a bike the faster you may go, or the easier it will be to get up a hill, if you are just a casual rider, you may not need 18-21 speeds on your bike. One or three speeds may be just fine, and will cost much less.

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